Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
I’m still waging a war against the present affliction, ,Dystonia, since 2007. Though My ability to pursue my formerly active gigging  schedule has been temporarily  curtailed, I know the  my message and prayers songs I’ve written over the years must not be forgotten.. I have never been one to be driven to write hit songs. The human condition and my  experiences as a Daughter of the most High God Jehovah have mostly been my most precious and valuable inspiration that I pray will touch some broken person.     When an artist  abides in a season of disablement or crisis, one learns to improvise and be creative in sharing their music and art That is why I decided to include a  new category  The Message Behind the Songs.    i pray you are moved to share my songs with others going through difficult journeys.      I covet your prayers for my complete recovery and/or financial support of my music ministry, Brave Flame Productions and Outreach via my  website.May Abba God bless you richly for your compassion.
I Can Sill Cry was inspired after seeing pictures and reading about the bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I was so struck by the picture of Firefighter Chris Fields holding  tiny baby  Baylee Almon in his arms. I cried for some time pondering the utter inexplicable senselessness of hapless victims suddenly being   taken out by a bomb As I thought about the  tragedy, I  prayed that God would send Jesus and His angels to comfort the  hungry homeless, battered women and tortured souls from every realm of  suffering. And we prayer warriors have the privileged responsibility to stand in the gap for all  people suffering human injustices. My prayer is that my listeners would look being the production of my songs to focus on the message and the passion-compassion that I bring to the music. I also pray that the subject matter provokes intercessors  to address and make a difference.
  This song was originally  recorded  as a sparse acoustic ballad on my Taylor Guitar.  It was recorded t  Naja Bakin’s studio and he did a marvelous job capturing my voice. I know I have done my job as a journalist-songwriter when people take the time to engage me and share their input.

I Can Still Cry @copyright BMI Brave Flame Productions

Whenever I pause to catch the weather and the news. It’s mostly tragic, biased media views.
Somehow I’m baffled every time. That I can still see through child-like eyes.

It’s hard to believe as I muse and ponder,
The myriad experience and the places where I’ve wandered.
The beauty I cherish and the dreams I still hold, Can never be stolen by those who’ve turned cold.

And I can still cry when I see babies beaten. And people left homeless and for days haven’t eaten.
Seeing a woman stripped of her soul and dignity. While her man clings to his abusive revelry.

There are times while in prayer I would whisper and weep, At the carnage of souls killed in the wink of an eye.
And there’s no one to remedy all the hurt, So I pray for justice in the sweet by and by.

If I cannot feel the wound of a broken heart Or tremble at the thought of my Savior’s blood that was spilt.
When I’ve become numb, lost my passion for life,Than I know an impenetrable fortress was built.

Thank God I can cry for the damages done. Thank God I can cry for the battles being won.
My heart is still soft through betrayals of friends.And that is the glory that my heart always mend.

Thank God I can still cry.

My message songs are available for purchase via my music ministry website and your loves gifts and prayers help Mark and I to continue to serve the needs of the precious broken people in our communities.God bless you and thank you for reading!