ANITA IVETTE FERRER'S , music poetry, blogs,  beaded jewelry and art is a Brave Flame, piercing the darkness where many musicians and even angels fear tp tread She marches to the beat of a different drum, eschewing derision from scoffers who could care less about art and truth. She mows down music, fashion and spiritual boundaries barriers with courageous abandon

In 1982, she met  Jesus Christ  and her quest for truth, human rights, justice and  integrity began.  She connected with area pastors and  non-profit leaders helping to feed and equip  the homeless, broken, misplaced, vets  and  handicapped  from the Jersey Shore-Asbury Park area. The German-born daughter of a dark-skinned Puerto-Rican graphic designer and  German mother,, raised in humble circumstances, was no stranger to hardship,  rejection and  struggle inspired her to champion the underdog. She is a visionary

Presently, she wages a  crushing health  battle, Oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia. Mold Illness and  Mercury poisoning. She felled a past giant, Lyme disease in  1992, which compelled her to use her platform of journalism-research to help others suffering from degenerative and neuerological illnesses..

Today her art and outreach projects are comprised of recording and creating compelling, unconventional music. She also uses her gift of teaching and mentoring through her Wordpress blogs in the areas of Christian faith, victorious living and  self-empowerment through intimacy with God, Jesus Christ and holy Spirit.

Anita thought her life was over with that Dystonia diagnosis in 2007, but the Phoenix has risen!

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” - Saint John

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Women in Rock Benefit

Gigging with NJ Songster, Gregg Parker, Mount Holly NJ

Performing Gospel and CCM songs with Minister Frank Huber, Point pleasant Beach, NJ August 2020

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