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       Anita met Jesus Christ in a tiny Pentecostal church in Silverton, NJ on a Sunday night in April. 1982. A shy non-practicing Catholic girl, in bondage for many years and haunted by many ghosts of  abuse, rape, shame and hopelessness. A glorious healing light burst through that night, even though she trembled under the growling, accusing voice of the  tattoo-biceped, ex marine, who slammed his fist on his  worn pulpit. His glittering black eyes bore through her.

   "If you die tonight in a car accident.. Will you go to heaven or burn in hell?"

       She declared the salvation prayer and in that small church, Anita finally found a loving, accepting family that she had always wanted. She bloomed, making up for many lost years, enrolling in college  and graduating at the top of her class, Magna cum laude.  The earning of that degree was interrupted though, by the courtship with a demented man who threatened to kill her if she didn't marry him.  That domestic violent season which lasted almost two years   nearly took away her  exuberant faith and  new-found  nursing home ministry. But Christ never abandoned her.

Healing took place and resilience set her back on track. She met  lead guitarist, Chris Durante at a church picnic where he invited her to front his Christian rock band with him. The Lord began to hone Anita in her new role as lead vocalist-lyricist of "The Promise" and Chris, her and the band shared the Gospel of Christ to the NJ, PA and NY maximum security prisons, family festivals and community showcases.

Anita also grew in leadership positions, teaching behavior modification classes at Nutri-System Weight Loss Centers and as a youth advocate for  Youth Advocate Program. Just as she was enjoying her life, strange and debilitating  symptoms sent her to the hospital where she was given a diagnosis of Lyme disease. 1992 was riddled with hospital intravaneous Rosephin  treatments and Amomoxicillin antibiotic.

The next several years, with her immune system breaking down and battling many episodes of bronchial infections she almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning from her apartment's broken heater. The carbon monoxide did serious damage to her brain and deep depression set in and she was unable to sustain employment.

 But God wasn't finished with her yet. She found herself once more with hope and found another accepting family at non-profit Christian outreach,  Love in the Name of Christ, in the Fall of 1998.  Executive Director,  Carolyn Eyerman and project Manager, Joan Hodem saw  things in Anita she never knew she had. The six years there taught her even more about people and serving their needs. This was also where her journey with the guitar started!

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure For Dystonia

Finding a Cure for dystonia

Jewelry and designs

finding my voice (BIO)

Joy in the Journey

Giant Slayer

Chasing 'em down, one at a time...

So, Anita Ivette Ferrer, was a gentle and fragile girl, easily frightened by the Outer Limits electricity monster and intimidated by her mother's raging temper tandtrums. Nonetheless, she had a dream. She sketched and sang and composed poetry  in careful calligraphy hand.

 A traumatic and threatening  encounter with a bullying classmate in her favorite art class shattered her pre-conceived notion that people were kind and could be trusted. The bullying continued till graduation day and she wore her cloak of shame and rejection like a weighted anchor. Doors don't swing open wide for  those who've suffered bullying,  abuse, poverty and/or molestation.

 But  in  April of 1982, Jesus Christ  opened wide  the door of grace and Anita walked through. Decades of deeply ingrained traumas and negative events were assuagged and she began to see more clearly that she had worth and God had a plan for her life..

Enrolling at Brookdale Community College, Anita  discovered that door of favor swung wide open and she rediscovered her poetry, singing and art. No longer fearful and distrusting of people, she was deeply curious and disturbed about injustice and social issues. er professors were impressed with her  empathy and passion to pursue studies in the humanities. Graduating with high honors despite great financial hardship and a violent failed, marriage, Anita knew that the best was yet to come.

     Anita's journey with Christ led her to chase and slay many giants, particularly health.  Lyme Disease  came in 1992 and then  carbon monoxide poisoning almost took her life in  1997.All during this time, Anita chronicled her life events through  her journaling and then came an invitation to learn the guitar.

   Her health lost it;s resilience from the damaging environmental assaults on her nervous system, but her love for composing songs and performing continued. Then were  menntoring broken women,  youth outreach and hospice. Outwardly, it looked as if Anita's continual suffering and down-spiraling health would  diminish her calling, but herdevotion and trust in Christ's promises was her saving grace and anchor.

Despite her present and most daunting giant, oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia from mercury poisoning, she continues to sing, write about and express her gratitude of facing death...and helping others to live!

Anita hopes to find a cure for the Dystonia so that she can travel and tour, speaking and singing about overcoming and getting better with age.Her heart beats for the glorious expectation of God's best through her. She hopes that her music and art will provoke intimacy with Christ and a deep empathy for hurt and broken people. She champions the  underrdog because she is a giant slayer.


In these turbulent and uncertain times, I must focus on peace.  I am a warrior-soldier, serving under  my commander-in-chef,  Jesus Christ.



What You Don’t Know…(Good Health Basics 101) 

This is a very short article, but perhaps will be one of the most important you’ll ever read and think about. What you don’t know…will kill you!

It really depends on how much you care about you body and the bodes of your loved ones. To think that saying Grace, (the meal prayer0, protects you from all things evil or contaminating is like jumping off a 10 story building and saying that God will send angels to parachute you down safely to the ground.

Since my devastating 5 year season of Lyme Disease and Candida, my interest in preventative medicine has been profound. I’ve learned firsthand, that the terrible consequences of nutritional and dietary invites a severe and sometimes fatal penalty. Why people continue to recklessly abuse their bodies with tainted food, beverages and nicotine astounds me and then they are absolutely shocked when their bodies collapse and their doctor gives them a diagnosis of Cancer, Diabetes or Alzheimer’s. I have lost too many precious friends each year to Cancer and other degenerative conditions. It breaks my heart.

I felt an urgency to publish this blog today, in the hopes of sparing you the grief of seeing loved ones falling pray to a terminal or serious chronic illness. My husband Mark and have experienced, too close to home the devastating and stressful issue of elderly parents refusing to change their ways. Mark’s 89 year-old mother ignored Mark’s pleas to buying and drinking diet soda, He explained how Sucralose, (an artificial sweetener) damages the body. His mother always had an ample supply of candy, cookies and sweets around her house. Her vision and hearing was rapidly deteriorating, and this was causing her her great distress as she couldn’t participate in conversations. Her joints also gave her terrible pain and she cried out a lot.

My heart was heavily burdened to watch my own mother waste away in body and mental capacity because of decades of eating fast food, poor quality snacks, and little supplementation. Her end was heart-breaking. Her last month of life was laying immobile and unable to even speak because her body was so malnutritioned and devoid of any quality nutrition from her nursing-home diet. It was almost unbearable to think about my mothers life.. Over the years, Mark and I both shared valuable health information, but she refused to listen to anyone’s good counsel. No amount of prodding by us or my others sisters would inpsire her to change.

So, I will keep this blog short, sharing a few of my nuggets of health and diet wisdom which I’d acquired over the years. I will say, there is no excuse to perpetuate unhealthy eating, being inactive and not taking good supplements. Despite my staggering and often very uncomfortable symptoms, I know that my acute and focused thinking and ability to research and write about complicated health and medical articles is because of strict adherence to natural and organic juicing, fresh air, exercise and prayer, (God’s word). I also have made a habit of seeking others out who are suffering more than me and building them up. Giving hope and sowing kindness to others has a healing effect and is so pleasing to God.

Here is a list of dos that will help you live a healthier and happier life:

  1. Start somewhere, just a baby step forward asking God for help. He is never too busy or on hold. Ask Him for wisdom!

2. Read your labels. Artificial additives, BHT, High Fructose Syrup, Sucralose, and many others are toxic and or cause digestive distress. The less ingredients and additives, the better.

3. Stop taking artificial sweeteners. Do your research

4. High fat meat products are bad. Kielbasa and other processed meats have nitrates, (which contribute to Stomach , Colon Cancer, etc)

5. Understand environmental assaults, like Round Up, an herbicide, which is highly toxic to the nervous system . Chem trails release metals , Barium and unknown bacteria Zeolite is a good metal detoxifier.

6. Get a sturdy juicer and start juicing organic beet, carrot and celery juice. Beets are great for purifying the blood.

7. Start each morning with an amazing cleansing lemon juice elixir. Dr. Mandel on YouTube has some amazing help for health, chiropractic and Dystonia-neck issues.

8. Try to get fresh air and a minimum of 20 minutes excursive each day

9. Supplementation is essential because the soil which our produce and grains are grown in do not have the plenteous mineral content as decades ago. The basics would be powdered Vitamin C, Vit D, K, E A, Zinc, The anti oxidants are most important because of our high=stress society and the many toxic environmental assaults.

10. Look out for Fluoride in municipal water. Fluoride damages brain cells. (again do your own research from Godly doctors who truly care about your health and well-being. Many MDs are connected with Big Pharma. Think about Investing in a good Reverse Osmosis water filter system. Distilled water is also beneficial if you have problems with Heavy metals. Do your own research for the safety and health of your family. Most spring water bought in stores are not from pure sources.

11. Stay away from most grains which are bathed in Glyphosate and often mold spores. Mold Illness is on the rise and it serious. Investigate if you or your family has breathing problems, congestion and lung infections. I almost died from Mold Poisoning.

12. Watch out for Lyme Disease from Tick, mosquitos and insect bites. Lyme disease is easily transmitted and can be life-threatening.

13 Watch out for Antibiotics Pharmaceuticals and vaccines. DO YOUR research. Do NOT believe in all the mainstream media reporting bureaus. This is where so many are suffering disability and even death taking the word for truth that the mainstream channels report. Go to alternative sources for your information and compare notes. Do not even take your pastors advice. Pray and ask Holy Spirt fort guidance and DO your own research.

14. Watch out for amalgam mercury fillings. They are deadly, cause serious immune issues and are toxic. There is no reason the dental establishment should have ever promoted mercury fillings. I’m still suffering severe neurological seizures because a dentists removed one mercury filling without the HAZMAT protocol. Mercury is highly toxic and kills. Be extra cautious. Do your research, take notes and find an excellent holistic dentist if you have amalgam fillings!

15. Cut back sugar, fruit juices, soda and high sugar sweets. Stevia is a natural alternative

My husband Mark and I have paid a heavy price with our health because we followed bad advice and/or did not do enough research. He is battling CIPRO poisoning, (an antibiotic which was prescribed by his doctor for kidney infection). I cannot stress enough for you to take responsibility for you and your family’s body, health and longevity. Because I minister and share information with so many precious, suffering people on the various Facebook groups, Dystonia, Lyme, Mold Illness, Morgellon’s and Dystonia, I have a deep empathy to see them recover and regain a vivacious and productive life. To road to wellness is often quite difficult, but with the support of caring and informed health mentors, many will heal.

I hope this blog gives you hope and motivates you to pursue wellness for a better life. God bless you and I have many articles which I know will enlighten you. Follow them nd be informed and victorious..

CRS, Inflammation and Fibrin 

CRS and Mold Illness

.        My research continues regarding the distressing neurological and digestive symptoms which have not diminished with all the costly supplements I’ve been taking. My adherence to my strict juicing and cleansing protocol also has not yielded the expected results and I keep pondering  “What is the missing puzzle piece?    To make matters worse, I’ve had insomnia for over a week and the temperatures have been over 90 degrees. I’ve woken up at least four or fives times each night despite  the usual  Melatonin supplements , GABA, Ibuprofen PM and powdered calcium, Very frustrating to being unproductive and being so distracted, I can’t focus on my music or book.
       From experience, I know the only way to find solutions is to diligently search for anything that could be a factor contributing to the CRS, (Inflammation) . I’m excited to be able to share a new new discovery as the mold specialists recommended by my fellow CRS sufferers seem not to have all the answers. Many are still suffering greatly. I’m getting quite disheartened that my recovery is taking so long. Fourteen years is a long time to have such immense physical pain and diminished. On the positive side, God has blessed me with a resilient spirit and great faith in Christ Jesus restorative and healing power. I am an over comer and though I have no idea why my health battle has been so taxing and painful God has a reason and it will be to bring Him glory and inspire others journeying through catastrophic health conditions.

       So, while going through  a YouTube video, an ad came up having to do with  some people suffering severe arthritis and joint pain.  A doctor started to speak about Fibrin, a dead protein that can accumulate and clog the immune system. Wow, was all I could say. I had never heard of Fibrin, neither did I ever hear about it from any of the myriads specialists who have tried to help me in the past. Just as I’d never been told about Biofilm and Leaky-Gut syndrome, It angers me that most doctors just do not educate us patients and neither do they go out of their way to research new developments or natural treatments. And there are many, especially in Europe and Israel.

Another hindrance to healing quickly from Mold or Mercury-metal poisoning is the stupendous cost for consultations. My husband Mark and I dropped over a thousand dollars for my first consultation with my new mold specialist. His website reviews showed he high praises for his expertise, but I was surprised at his speechlessness as he saw my mouth and upper body jerk so violently. As I sat before him, i was hopeful, but as of today, the spasm are still there. My symptoms haven’t abated since my last mold illness doctor visit. The most I can hope for is continuing my research and pinpointing the main problem and being a resource of help to the precious people in my Facebook groups.

I hope this article enlighten you. The main thing to remember is the importance of a properly-functioning gut. I wish my Environmental Physician, (though trained under Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s mercury detoxification protocol), had this information about Disbiosis from antibiotics, then she would have been able to address my severely damaged gut. Lyme patients, unless the gut is healed, mercury detox protocols will not work! Acid Reflux, digestive issues and constipation won’t go away with over-the-counter formulas or capsules because they can’t address Biofilm.

Take notes, study them, chronicle your symptoms and regimens, cleanse, detox and get good diagnostics to ascertain your bodies various systems. Healing can get t very complicated and frustrating, but in my experience. putting all your trust in doctors may not avail the results you need. Often,we end up deep in debt and bitter.. Our freedom is in knowledge and we must learn to research and take responsibility for our own health. Some of the current diseases and conditions are so complicated and mysterious, doctors can’t possibly have all the knowledge .

The first step in your healing, is eating pure, (and as much as you can affiord) organic, home grown produce and juicing. I mentioned how Glyphosate is extremely damaging to the gut in my last blog with the Tony Pantelersco YouTube video. Somehow, you must wean yourself off grains and certain produce. While going through antibiotic therapy for my Lyme in 1993, my addiction to grains and cereals grew so bad, my Candid infection took two years to eradicate! If it weren’t for being treated by an amazing holistic Chiropractor in Lakewood, NJ, I would not be writing and educating you today! Dr Kelly immediately diagnosed me with Candida because my MD never mentioned anything about pre and probiotics and my gut and system quickly became overrun by Fungus Candida. I believe those two years of Candida and biofilm were catalysts that which set stage for the present Dystonia-Biofilm battle. (I hope this info is helping someone).

As an ending note, I’d also like to include some information I just found for those of you who may have MS, Dystonia or seizures or have a damaged myelin sheath. I’ve found very few doctors mention or address people who have extreme nerve sensitivity. Mineral depletion could be something o look at. In my case, I have a triple whammy of EMF sensitivity which seems to go hand in hand with mold and mercury sensitivity. I have yet to find a physician who has experience with the multiple challenges, but i continue to research. I’ve had a new challenge the past two weeks with insomnia I’ve never had insomnia more than a few days in my life and the past week, I’ve had no REM sleep and have felt extremely weak and with heart palpitations. Because of sweating so easily because of the continual mouth and neck spasms, ( and extreme summer temperatures) I have to drink a lot of water. I’m certain that all the water I drink, (between 10- and 12 gasses a day) could be washing away y electrolytes. Proper electrolyte balance is critical in the summer, for athletes who sweat a lot or for people who are detoxing. I will share my finding about electrolyte balance in coming blogs.

May you continue to be successful and find the proper treatments, supplements and prayer to regain your desired lifestyle. \

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum 

Journal Entry, Monday, June 21, 2021

It’s already midway through the year. For those of us enduring long seasons of difficult health, our lives may became nothing more than a blur of mindless, boring chores and nondescript activity. We may struggle not falling into hopelessness and apathy. My violent facial and mouth spasms have yet to diminished despite rigorously adhering to my latest cleansing-detox protocol. My sleep has been disrupted for several nights having the need to use the toilet. And the past several days I’ve lain on my carpet for hours because of heart palpitations and severe weakness , (and staying near the bathroom because of severe stomach issues).

This blog is brought to you today in the hopes that my transparency and vulnerability will inspire and empathize with you precious guys and gals who I connect with on the the Facebook Christian Lyme Disease, Morgellon’s Disease, Dystonia, and Mold CRS and Mercury Poisoning groups. The daily reality of enduring excruciating, unrelenting pain and depression staggers my imagination as I read some of the posts. Sometimes someone posts that their beloved Facebook friend died from their condition or worse yet, committed suicide.

It breaks my heart to know that each and every one of them was created in God’s own image.. Many of you are young, between the ages of 25 and 45. As you unabashedly express your pain, I ask the Lord for the words that may assuage your suffering, even momentarily. After I leave my computer, many thoughts race through my mind.

Why do some suffer much more than others? Why are there so many catastrophic illnesses that destroy the persons destiny, health, marriage, finances and dreams? Why, for the most part, is the medical establishment unable to properly diagnose and/or treat disabling conditions like Lyme, Morgellons, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s , Dystonia, Metal-mercury poisoning? So many variables contribute to a chronic, disabling condition., yet getting relief from suffering is still a mystery.

Whenever I have a bad day, (and there are often too many lately) and I am crying out to God in agony and frustration, I say, “I cannot take one more day of this!” And Holy Spirit reminds me…

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power i made perfect in your weakness.”

I huff and I puff and when I feel better I remember the old days. (Weren’t they always better and memorable?) Yes, indeed, before I was hit with the TMJ Dystonia , (and the past year, a severe lung fungus,) I sang effortlessly and played guitar sometimes for four hours for a private event or restaurant gig. Lately, I gasp for breath unless I do warm-up breathing exercises to be able to sing for my pastor’s services and my conference calls. I have to ask for help just to sing, to get through the day and just about anything that requires physical endurance. God is faithful, though, always supplying what we need, when we need it! I’m most grateful when He gives me the strength to get out of my comfort zone and get my eyes off myself and encourage and love on someone else who is suffering more than I.

So how does one stay focused on the Lord and keep the dream alive? My book, Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum has been halted yet again for the fourth time, lol. . Organizing the different chapters is difficult, but my blogging-journaling and song lyric-writing continues to be a source of emotional stability. Intimacy and growth with Abba Father, Jesus and holy Spirit continue to draw me and I am thankful that They are always accessible to me unlike my music, where I have yet to find my niche.

Being unique in my multi-cultural heritage, and extremely unconventional in my musical artistry, ( I have yet to find a following who delights o hear my jazz and out-of-the-box guitar chordings, I continue to search for a music platform where different genres collide and merge. On the music, (and positive side of my life), I rejoined TAXI A&R music platform and have made some great connections. (I’d become disheartened and unmotivated and disconnected from other musicians since my beloved friend and music mentor-CEO, Kieith Mohr, closed shop on Christian music network, Indie Heaven). I was devastated for half a year because as a housebound, person, my internet relationships were the few joyful activities available to me at the time.

Last month, I re-evaluated my music path-momentum and decided it was time to regroup and move forward. I’ve pitched some songs to some interesting Taxi listings. I’ve had to encourage myself in God though, because the release last year, of my 6th album, Mod Prophet was not received as I’d expected. Its tracking began in 2007 and now the songs are outdated. So much for spending over 10 grand and working with outstanding musicians and the album going nowhere:( All I can hope for is to pitch to “vintage’ 90s rock. music listings and hope it gets placed with a film or music documentary.

One of the Taxi music forum members introduced us to a great website where artists can find producers or session musicians to collaborate with. An awesome R&B Gospel producer responded to my proposal to work on new songs, which i already have in preparation to record my third worship CCM album. I have been anxious to track my Psalm 91, which i wrote in 2009, (and which was received amazingly at a funeral service.. I will never forget that day. Mark told me that a prophetess who had a spiritual gift of seeing into the spiritual realm saw cherubim dancing around me as I sang and Played my Psalm 91!. God has blessed me with many divine musical experiences with the gift of worship.

So, you may say after reading this blog. What’s the purpose?

You are God’s creation. If God be for you, who can be against you?! Whatever your ailment or the devastation and disablement of your body…

Excuse me…between abrupt interruptions and runs to the bathroom. LOL…Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Not Lyme, Dytonia, Cancer, Fibromylgia, Morgellons Disease,.nor divorce, spouse or child’s death, poverty, homelessness, etc.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom 8 38 &39

You need to memorize and declare this scripture each day or whenever you lose sight of your divine person hood and calling. Don’t say, “I don’t have a gift. I’m not talented in anything or I cannot do anything anymore because of my condition”. Those are lies from the enemy! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The enemy may have thwarted your momentum, but take heart, ask Jesus for help, get up, and start running again! Your participation in the holy race of life is not a sprint it’s a marathon. You are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses and our spiritual foremothers and forefathers didn’t always receive their promise or prize while they were alive.. but they kept their eyes on the Prize, Jesus Christ our Redeemer and friend.

I ‘m a bit old and quite fragile physically to tour and stir up a music ruckus. My dream of being a successful and respected artists may never happen, but I’m at peace about giving my utmost to my artistry, nurturing my precious relationships and most of all, giving my best to the Lord. Beloved, may your priorities be ordered as is pleasing to our Heavenly Father, as Jesus did! Shalom and bless you.

HELP FOR Morgellon’s Syndrome 

I’ve been very moved by the suffering of the Morgellons, Mold illness and Lyme’ Disease sufferers, especially being one of their ranks. My research is leading me to many shocking and distressing stories and pictures of different fungal-type infections, weird growths and terrible itchy rashes people are suffering . I honestly cannot believe the suffering that is caused by these highly avance technical and biological weapons inflicted upon so many individual across the globe. It also never ceases to amaze me at the depths id depravity these demonic scientists go to to make people suffer and even kill them!v

After listening to Dr. Pat Holiday (PHd) and Pastor Cherie’s podcasts, I am certain that we do not have to be victimized by these horrific hazards. We may be a small minority, but we are just as deserving to live in a free and poison-free environment. Kudos to and God bless, Lana Givant, a resident of Oregon, who shared her strong discourse on why we need to protest and do something about the poisoning of our environment and continuing this silent genocide.


It is time we confront these attackss and adopt defensive strategies for the health and lives of our families, children and pets. i urge all of you to star addressing your diets and lifestyles and start doing your research. God has created all of you for great purposes and we must not allow our lives and destinies to be diminished by the powers that be. Sweets, sodas, fruit juices grains and carbohydrates all attract fungus and infections . Your goal should be to have as few addictive elements as possible in your diet. Two great mold, fungus repellents are garlic and baking soda with Apple cider vinegar. An Acidic body attract mold, fungus and Cancer. The past several months, I’m also being very aware of Glyphosate which is highly toxic and damaging to the mitochondria and myelin sheath.

You’ll find the following internet radio broadcast, powerful and anointed as Dr. Pat Holliday and Dr. Sabrina Sessions touch on all technological strategies in warfare prayer.

Tony Panta;lleresco shares amazing health information. on nanotechnology and HARRP. It would behoove you to take notes n follow some of hi excellent health council Make sure to share the information you receive with friends, family and neighbors who also are suffering from mysterious symptoms and illnesses. Your best defense, is having a intimate relationship with father God and the Lord Jesus. No one can come against the powers that be and their potent weapon except God! He alone is our strength shield and high tower. Please agree with Dr Holliday’s and dr Sabrina sessions prayer at the end of the blogtallk radio podcast. God bless you and may the peace SHALOM of Christ Jesus establish you nd give you rest.



So, It’s been about six months since my religious use of my Biocidin, Oregano oil, gut biome liquid,, organic, juicing and the innumerable supplements prescribed by my Mold Illness doctor.. It absolutely makes no sense that no matter how strict (and gluten-free) my diet is, my progress is extremely slow and I have yet to experienced my former life of energy and joy. It also doesn’t add up that before my Dystonia diagnosis, (and the past year severe jaw-mouth and breathing problem) , I was highly self-motivated, performing gigs and private events all over New Jersey. I loved being outdoors in the fresh air and getting regular exercise in my part time independent contracting job delivering telephone books.

I had to retire from my job because my nervous system could not tolerate even the truck’s alternator energy nor the electrical power My neck, and shoulder became so taxed I was drained. I was very suspicious also about the condition of my hair. Mark had cut off the hair at my nape for a hair analysis test. After five years, that hair has only grown about 6 inches! The quality is poor, dry and brittle despite high quality vitamins, MSM and Biotin which are powerful hair and nail growth boosters. It was as if all my nutrients were being devoured by some unknown thief. I had to get to the bottom of the malnutrition issue. Something strange is going on in my body.

Several years ago, one of my functional practitioners saw the results of my blood test and was alarmed at the high ratio of aluminum, barium and metals. He asked me, “How on earth are you getting all these metals?”

Even my latest doctor, a mold illness specialist, was so baffled at the intensity of my spasms. I asked him if he’s ever had a patient like me and he said he is totally baffled at what he saw. An environmental MD who treated me seven years ago with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s mercury Detox chelation regimen was also disappointed and baffled beyond words that I didn’t improve at all.

During all of this duress, my quest for healing and wellness has been diligent and urgent and I’m grateful for the courageous watchmen and women , such as Alex Jones, Dr. Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr. Simon Gold, Dr. Tenpanny and many other others who have been threatened and maligned.

I’m not one to surrender to failure or disability. I’m determined to get my life and health back and take authority over the assaults sent against me, so help me, God. I’m connecting the dots and that will lead me to answers. I’m hearing reports from Christian prayer warriors, intercessors and pastors who are suffering unusual infections, neurological disabilities and weird unexplained rashes. No doubt. then, doused with chemtrail concoctions of bacteria, fungus, blood, viruses, nano-particulates, (Tony Pantelleresco is an expert on nano-particles) barium, aluminum, (the last two causing brain and neurological disorders).

I happened upon some YouTube videos on Morgellons disease and chemtrail effects on the human body. I also leaned about ungodly people in high places and with high authority using DEW Directed Energy weapons warfare to target individuals.. You all should not put it past these people who are responsible for doing all sorts of evil experiments and assignments to disable the human race, making us easy, weakened prey for bondage. It is time for God’s people to wake up and stop calling every weird event a conspiracy theory. Don’t call conspiracies, conspiracy theories. They are real demonic agendas unraveling to destroy humanity!

There is nothing new under the sun, as the Book of Ecclesiastes says. The same highly-advanced technology satan used before the flood, (to taint humanities’ DNA) is what he continues to do through willing and reprobate individuals like Bill Gates and his crew of demonic scientists and medical professionals.

Dr. Pat Holiday and Dr. Sabrina Sessions on Morgellons Disease:


Folks, we are in the midst of the greatest spiritual battle humanity has ever faced. Few pastors are willing to delve into the reality of demonic trenches within the Deep States’ plans for mankind’s annihilation and decent into transhumanism! Because of my present fragile physical state, I will let the information of the following experts share their documentation and experience. The videos presented here may shock you. Please have an open mind. Minds are like parachutes…they only work when they are open!

I highly encourage you to research and learn about leading authority on Transhumanism, Dr.Rev Tom Horn. May the information you learn here grant you peace, wisdom and a good strategy of good health for your family and pets.


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Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. KJV” - Moses

— The Bible


Finding a Cure for DystoniA

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Lead Guitarist, Chris Durante

Guitar Artistry

So,  I met Chris Durante at a church picnic in the summer of 1989 and he asked me if I would front his  Christian hard Rock Band, The Promise. I was just a folk soprano who sang a capella with twin sisters in ursing homes. Who knew that God was preparing me for greater ministry and service  to people through my non profit Brave Flame  Productions.  Chris 's artistry has embellished most of my songs and albums over the years and  we are grateful for the influence and inspiration of the the Holy Spirit through us frail and fragile instruments!

John Mulrenan, producer-engineer, Acorn Digital, Howell, NJ has also been a long-time friend and music partner. He has lent his artistry to my projects on keyboards, piano, bass and programming.  His expertise has been invaluable. He is an underrated and transcendent talent!

And last, but not least is my  talented  husband, Mark, who has been my sound engineer.since we married. His extensive  experience  doing sound for NJ's best  bands has been  a valuable asset to my music. Bless God for giving me such a devoted  husband!

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serving people/filling needs

All People Matter

From singing and comforting elderly, lonely people to mentoring kids from  challenged family backgrounds, Anita understands people.

God Loves People

Areas of Ministry

1982  Nursing Home Ministry

1989   Maximum Security Prisons & Correctional Facilities

The Promise Christian Band

1998   Love in the Name of Christ  Christian non-Profit

Coordinator: Just the Right Touch

One on One Mentoring,  Helping  welfare recipients & displaced homemakers transition to the work force, supplying appropriate business clothing & resumes & mentoring, 

Youth Advocate YAP, Youth Advocate Program.

Mentoring youth in social & life skills: liaison between parents/guardians  with  social service agencies

2002 Vocal & Guitar Instructor 

Beginner to advance vocal instruction

2002-2017  Telephone Book distributor PDC

2005  Brave Flame Productions & Outreach inception non-profit entity

Homeless outreach, food & Clothing, Evangelism, Hospice & Bedside  Ministry, Funeral and Wake Ministry

Music & Entertainment 

Church & Family Events, Private Corporate functions,  First Communion & Baptism  events