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       Anita met Jesus Christ in a tiny Pentecostal church in Silverton, NJ on a Sunday night in April. 1982. A shy non-practicing Catholic girl, in bondage for many years and haunted by many ghosts of  abuse, rape, shame and hopelessness. A glorious healing light burst through that night, even though she trembled under the growling, accusing voice of the  tattoo-biceped, ex marine, who slammed his fist on his  worn pulpit. His glittering black eyes bore through her.

   "If you die tonight in a car accident.. Will you go to heaven or burn in hell?"

       She declared the salvation prayer and in that small church, Anita finally found a loving, accepting family that she had always wanted. She bloomed, making up for many lost years, enrolling in college  and graduating at the top of her class, Magna cum laude.  The earning of that degree was interrupted though, by the courtship with a demented man who threatened to kill her if she didn't marry him.  That domestic violent season which lasted almost two years   nearly took away her  exuberant faith and  new-found  nursing home ministry. But Christ never abandoned her.

Healing took place and resilience set her back on track. She met  lead guitarist, Chris Durante at a church picnic where he invited her to front his Christian rock band with him. The Lord began to hone Anita in her new role as lead vocalist-lyricist of "The Promise" and Chris, her and the band shared the Gospel of Christ to the NJ, PA and NY maximum security prisons, family festivals and community showcases.

Anita also grew in leadership positions, teaching behavior modification classes at Nutri-System Weight Loss Centers and as a youth advocate for  Youth Advocate Program. Just as she was enjoying her life, strange and debilitating  symptoms sent her to the hospital where she was given a diagnosis of Lyme disease. 1992 was riddled with hospital intravaneous Rosephin  treatments and Amomoxicillin antibiotic.

The next several years, with her immune system breaking down and battling many episodes of bronchial infections she almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning from her apartment's broken heater. The carbon monoxide did serious damage to her brain and deep depression set in and she was unable to sustain employment.

 But God wasn't finished with her yet. She found herself once more with hope and found another accepting family at non-profit Christian outreach,  Love in the Name of Christ, in the Fall of 1998.  Executive Director,  Carolyn Eyerman and project Manager, Joan Hodem saw  things in Anita she never knew she had. The six years there taught her even more about people and serving their needs. This was also where her journey with the guitar started!

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure For Dystonia

Finding a Cure for dystonia

Jewelry and designs

finding my voice (BIO)

Joy in the Journey

Giant Slayer

Chasing 'em down, one at a time...

So, Anita Ivette Ferrer, was a gentle and fragile girl, easily frightened by the Outer Limits electricity monster and intimidated by her mother's raging temper tandtrums. Nonetheless, she had a dream. She sketched and sang and composed poetry  in careful calligraphy hand.

 A traumatic and threatening  encounter with a bullying classmate in her favorite art class shattered her pre-conceived notion that people were kind and could be trusted. The bullying continued till graduation day and she wore her cloak of shame and rejection like a weighted anchor. Doors don't swing open wide for  those who've suffered bullying,  abuse, poverty and/or molestation.

 But  in  April of 1982, Jesus Christ  opened wide  the door of grace and Anita walked through. Decades of deeply ingrained traumas and negative events were assuagged and she began to see more clearly that she had worth and God had a plan for her life..

Enrolling at Brookdale Community College, Anita  discovered that door of favor swung wide open and she rediscovered her poetry, singing and art. No longer fearful and distrusting of people, she was deeply curious and disturbed about injustice and social issues. er professors were impressed with her  empathy and passion to pursue studies in the humanities. Graduating with high honors despite great financial hardship and a violent failed, marriage, Anita knew that the best was yet to come.

     Anita's journey with Christ led her to chase and slay many giants, particularly health.  Lyme Disease  came in 1992 and then  carbon monoxide poisoning almost took her life in  1997.All during this time, Anita chronicled her life events through  her journaling and then came an invitation to learn the guitar.

   Her health lost it;s resilience from the damaging environmental assaults on her nervous system, but her love for composing songs and performing continued. Then were  menntoring broken women,  youth outreach and hospice. Outwardly, it looked as if Anita's continual suffering and down-spiraling health would  diminish her calling, but herdevotion and trust in Christ's promises was her saving grace and anchor.

Despite her present and most daunting giant, oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia from mercury poisoning, she continues to sing, write about and express her gratitude of facing death...and helping others to live!

Anita hopes to find a cure for the Dystonia so that she can travel and tour, speaking and singing about overcoming and getting better with age.Her heart beats for the glorious expectation of God's best through her. She hopes that her music and art will provoke intimacy with Christ and a deep empathy for hurt and broken people. She champions the  underrdog because she is a giant slayer.


In these turbulent and uncertain times, I must focus on peace.  I am a warrior-soldier, serving under  my commander-in-chef,  Jesus Christ.




So, It’s been about six months since my religious use of my Biocidin, Oregano oil, gut biome liquid,, organic, juicing and the innumerable supplements prescribed by my Mold Illness doctor.. It absolutely makes no sense that no matter how strict (and gluten-free) my diet is, my progress is extremely slow and I have yet to experienced my former life of energy and joy. It also doesn’t add up that before my Dystonia diagnosis, (and the past year severe jaw-mouth and breathing problem) , I was highly self-motivated, performing gigs and private events all over New Jersey. I loved being outdoors in the fresh air and getting regular exercise in my part time independent contracting job delivering telephone books.

I had to retire from my job because my nervous system could not tolerate even the truck’s alternator energy nor the electrical power My neck, and shoulder became so taxed I was drained. I was very suspicious also about the condition of my hair. Mark had cut off the hair at my nape for a hair analysis test. After five years, that hair has only grown about 6 inches! The quality is poor, dry and brittle despite high quality vitamins, MSM and Biotin which are powerful hair and nail growth boosters. It was as if all my nutrients were being devoured by some unknown thief. I had to get to the bottom of the malnutrition issue. Something strange is going on in my body.

Several years ago, one of my functional practitioners saw the results of my blood test and was alarmed at the high ratio of aluminum, barium and metals. He asked me, “How on earth are you getting all these metals?”

Even my latest doctor, a mold illness specialist, was so baffled at the intensity of my spasms. I asked him if he’s ever had a patient like me and he said he is totally baffled at what he saw. An environmental MD who treated me seven years ago with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s mercury Detox chelation regimen was also disappointed and baffled beyond words that I didn’t improve at all.

During all of this duress, my quest for healing and wellness has been diligent and urgent and I’m grateful for the courageous watchmen and women , such as Alex Jones, Dr. Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr. Simon Gold, Dr. Tenpanny and many other others who have been threatened and maligned.

I’m not one to surrender to failure or disability. I’m determined to get my life and health back and take authority over the assaults sent against me, so help me, God. I’m connecting the dots and that will lead me to answers. I’m hearing reports from Christian prayer warriors, intercessors and pastors who are suffering unusual infections, neurological disabilities and weird unexplained rashes. No doubt. then, doused with chemtrail concoctions of bacteria, fungus, blood, viruses, nano-particulates, (Tony Pantelleresco is an expert on nano-particles) barium, aluminum, (the last two causing brain and neurological disorders).

I happened upon some YouTube videos on Morgellons disease and chemtrail effects on the human body. I also leaned about ungodly people in high places and with high authority using DEW Directed Energy weapons warfare to target individuals.. You all should not put it past these people who are responsible for doing all sorts of evil experiments and assignments to disable the human race, making us easy, weakened prey for bondage. It is time for God’s people to wake up and stop calling every weird event a conspiracy theory. Don’t call conspiracies, conspiracy theories. They are real demonic agendas unraveling to destroy humanity!

There is nothing new under the sun, as the Book of Ecclesiastes says. The same highly-advanced technology satan used before the flood, (to taint humanities’ DNA) is what he continues to do through willing and reprobate individuals like Bill Gates and his crew of demonic scientists and medical professionals.

Dr. Pat Holiday and Dr. Sabrina Sessions on Morgellons Disease:


Folks, we are in the midst of the greatest spiritual battle humanity has ever faced. Few pastors are willing to delve into the reality of demonic trenches within the Deep States’ plans for mankind’s annihilation and decent into transhumanism! Because of my present fragile physical state, I will let the information of the following experts share their documentation and experience. The videos presented here may shock you. Please have an open mind. Minds are like parachutes…they only work when they are open!

I highly encourage you to research and learn about leading authority on Transhumanism, Dr.Rev Tom Horn. May the information you learn here grant you peace, wisdom and a good strategy of good health for your family and pets.



So, you’ve made a commitment to accept Christ into your life to be your Lord and Savior. Welcome to the household of saints as a blood-bought Child of the most high God, Jehovah and Jesus Christ. You have made the most important decision of you life, so guard your new relationship with your heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a sacred covenant that it is.. This is serious, but it is also divinely inspiring, transforming., mysterious, compelling and transcending every aspect of your life! The following scriptures should be the staple of your spiritual connection with the Lord. I’ve been able to survive many life-threatening and traumatic events in my life after I became God’s child. Memorizing and speaking them often, often, often has been my life rope! You are now an enemy of satan and his kingdom, so you are equipped to wage successful spiritual warfare with His word and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, counsel and company.

Be blessed, in peace and victory, beloved one!

Your adoption is special and divine! You are hand-picked and your are chosen!

1 John 3:1, KJV: “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.”

1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

Assurance of His abiding and intimate presence. He is always with you!

Heb. 13:5 “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

There is no force or presence on earth more powerful than Jesus.

 1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Get and stay connected with like-minded and godly, fruitful Christians through regular church, Bible study or fellowship gatherings. No man is an island and there is strength in numbers!

2 Cor 6:14 14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what [a]fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what [b]communion has light with darkness?

Heb 10:25 25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

As children of God, peace, sanity and stability are our treasures. We need not be confused or without hope.

2 Tim 1;7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Stay connected to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit by daily prayer and studying God’s word, The Bible

1 Thess. 5 16-18 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Strengthen and empower yourself throughout the dy declaring the scriptures.

Heb 4:12 NIV. 12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


Come Away With Me, My Beloved

Declaration of faith: I declare God’s blessings over my life. I will walk in my God given power and exercise my authority as God invested in me. Today I will function in my godly creative ability and my words will bring forth good things to the world around me. Genesis 1:26-28.

So, quieted myself and decided I must make some serious changes because I wasn’t where I wanted to be spiritually and emotional, (walking in joy and abundance). God is never the problem when we stand and survey our landscape and see it is negative. At this crossroad, I knew it was way past due to re-asses my life and invest in some serious soul-searching in a quiet place with God. In Hi quiet presence was where I could find solutions.,. For those of us who’ve been in the valley for a long time, frequent times of re-evaluation are necessary to be able to be consistent and forward moving.

I reconnected with a precious friend and spiritual sister who went through a breast Cancer season and is living with a very abusive and negative roommate. She has been praying and steadily saving for her own place but she share her feelings about the difficulty of being positive and expectant when in a very long season of greet hardship and despair. Her feelings resounded with me and she acknowledged my long season, (14 years) of battling my vicious symptoms,) yet holding fast to God’s promise of .prosperity and good health.

I had another spiritually inspiring conversation with a Christian sister from the Facebook Mold illness group.. She always posted powerful scriptures to encourage us with severe symptoms and depression. Just before we talked, I was listening to an amazing teaching from Pastor Ed Citronelili! I was searching for teachings on identifying and reaking curses on the YouTube channel and his teaching video came up. Halfway into the video he brought out another curse. He said that sometimes we ourselves speaking death by the words we speak.! He gave examples of negative declarations, “I am sick and tired of this or you.” “This_______ is killing me” and “I’m getting worse.” Guilty realization hit me as I thought of some egative statements I spoke aloud, not realizing they were prophetic and ignited depression and/or hopelessness over my spiritual atmosphere.

My Christian sister and I both agreed that we needed to stop saying out loud, “Oh, I feel horrible” or “Oh, I will never get better”. I’ve caught myself a few times, looking in the mirror after waking up, growing “Ugly”. That certainly was not going to inspire me to be thankful and expectant of good things! for my day I’m being transparent here because I know many of you reading this are unaware or forgetful about the words you speak aloud. It is time for us to understand Life and Death indeed are in the power of our own tongue and we absolutely must take control of our words because it’s dead certain that they do affect our life, atmosphere and future.

I’ve no trouble receiving the truth, that my identity is in Christ, but my problem is rashly blurting out whatever negative feelings or condition of my painful or uncomfortable symptoms are at the moment. It is one thing to think good thoughts.. It is quite another to declare with hope with expectancy!

This won;t be a long blog. The antidote is simple choose to speak life. Choose to speak goodness, healing, joy and expectancy. (yes, I know..not easy, but no good new positive habit is easy). If you have a bad memory or are so programmed to speak negativity because of very long seasons of suffering and hardship, ask God to remind you. Post notes all over your house to remind you to speak out God’s promises and hope for you. Ask God to help you find one or two people who you can agree with each time you re weak, depressed and frustrated.

Cancer is not your death sentence. Dystonia, MS, Mold Illness, Mercury poisoning, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, ADHD is not your identity. Remember, you are BLESSED! You can do it You are God’s Treasure. His thoughts toward you are so innumerable, and full of liquid love. You are beautiful, a hand-made one of a kind design! You are getting better and your painful symptoms are diminishing. You will FLY with wings as eagles. Jesus will never leave nor forsake you.

If you are lost, broken, suffering, Jesus waits for you to invite Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life..and your best friend! Declare this prayer of Salvation:

Heavenly Father, I come to you, asking for help. You sent your only precious Son to save and deliver me from my sin and brokenness. I ask you to forgive my sins and everything wrong I’ve ever done. Jesus, I ask you to be the lord and Savior of my life and I surrender all to you. Thank you, Father for giving me your son, Jesus Christ, Yashuah, the messiah! in Jesus name, I ask and thank you, amen.

Now get baptized, start reading the Gospels, praying and communicating honestly with your Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Sprite. Seek a full Gospel church. Stay committed and share your testimony of salvation and your new life and what JESUS did for you! Shalom beloved!



Fire Fighter, Chris Fields looking down at baby Baylee

I consider my song,  I  Can Still Cry one of my most most compelling and heartfelt I’d ever written. I rarely write hit songs because I’m most touched by incidents,, relationships, tragedies and injustice, (and probably that’s why most of my songs are rejected by music A&R companies like Taxi and Music X-ray, lol.) The movement of time and circumstances which assail all people throughout the ages, moves me deeply.

I was shell-shocked when I heard the first report of a horrific bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995. The photograph of a firefighter, Chris Fields, holding a tiny baby girl, Baylee, made me burst out in tears. Tears of sorrow spilled down my cheeks as I gazed at pictures of the bombings’ devastating outcome. I could not wrap my mind around the reasons of the person who had such hatred and rage that he could care less that  there were babies and little children in the building. One hundred sixty eight people died and hundreds more were injured. Many babies who were being cared for at the day care center also perished. Few of us could not be stirred regarding this tragedy. For me it was a pivotal time in my songwriting and journalism calling.

As i write this blog, I hear the strains of the refrain of I can Still Cry, a mournful legacy of a long-past disaster who many may have forgotten. I cannot forget, every time I upload the song for pitching to film, documentary and TV music companies.

One thing is sure, despite ll the evils that had  assailed me in my own life and the myriad of rejections and abuse by people, I can still felt deep empathy for  the suffering of people. I consider it a blessing and gift to be able to weep  about injustices,  human rights violation, murder and actions such as bombings. My prayer though, is that we weep not when reading or seeing devastating events, but that we would do something to prevent them A tall order I know, but if we can at least intimately connect and communicate to each other, ( to assuage gripes) we may prevent an act of vengeful hatred and violence.

  My prayer as you listen to my beautiful song, recorded and engineering by the talented, Nejat Bakin, you will aspire to be a person of empathetic action. Nejat did a beautiful job of capturing the anguish and purity .  A decade later, I  recorded a remix and extended  keyboard version of the song  done with the  wonderful John Mulrenan, Acorn Digital, Howell NJ.      You can purchase both versions of I Can Still Cry on my website:


What is the cure for retaliation, rage and violence? Love is always the answer, without expect for return and unconditional. Jesus Christ the greatest lover of us all made random acts of kindness his life’s work. Practice random acts of kindness and see your world transformed!


So, it’s been about a year since being under the care of Brooklyn Hanna, nurse-facilitator of our Facebook Mold illness/CRS group. This woman is so helpful and besides being a Christian, she is so eager to be transparent and share all her knowledge with us.

Since 2007, (when that nitwit dentist removed my one amalgam filling without the Hazmat rubber dam protocol) the journey has been extremely slow and discouraging, but I am determined to get back to my performing and recording in the studio. I’m continually rewarded to be able to share the vital information and natural healing protocols to the many suffering on the Mold Illness/CRS, Lyme Disease and Dystonia Facebook groups. So many are severely discouraged and even losing hope because their symptoms are so disabling and /or painful.

Researching is the major time- consumer, more than guitar practicing or song-writing.. I haven’t been inspired to write new songs or work on my book and photography because my body is in distress from the time I wake up to the time i go to sleep each night. At times I get disgusted with the routine of having to take 6 Snooze in melotonin sleep capsules, 2 PM Ibuprofen, 6 caps of GABA and CALM powdered magnesium just to get undisturbed sleep. Without these, I would be waking seven or eight times from my mouth-jaw spasms.

So my quest to find a cure for these incessant mouth-jaw spasms continues. I’m quite sure that my gut condition is the culprit. I ran out of my Biocidin about two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been suffering from severe pain (trapped air gas) in my esophagus. One night, the pain was so sudden and stabbing that I thought I was having a heart attack, while praying for healing, I remembered also that I was eating way too many raw garlic cloves and that was giving me acid reflux. So my research is also including esophagus-related disorders.

Out of the blue, I thought about not using my Biocidin in several weeks and realized that my esophageal distress could be because of my gut biome-disbiosis, bacteria and toxins which have not yet been diminished. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now i see that I should. not have allowed my Biocidin use to be interrupted.

Today, I decided to research Biocidn and found an amazing doctor who formulated it. This Sound Cloud interview is quite in depth and i know many of you will be absolutely convinced that Biocidin should be part of your healing regimen. Dr Rachel shares much information like taking Quercitin and marshmallow root. Make sure to takes notes and confer with Brooklyn My prayer is that this blog will benefit you in your healing journey!

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Anita Ferrer

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The Anointing, His Presence

Anita Ivette Ferrer

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Praise and worship collection during my difficult health journey. Jazzy-folly and pop rock Gospel originals.

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Anita Ivette Ferrer

Christian jazz hip-hop, neo soul and pop-urban . Special guest producer, Reverend Kevin Nunn, Cross Row Productions.

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Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. KJV” - Moses

— The Bible


Finding a Cure for DystoniA

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Lead Guitarist, Chris Durante

Guitar Artistry

So,  I met Chris Durante at a church picnic in the summer of 1989 and he asked me if I would front his  Christian hard Rock Band, The Promise. I was just a folk soprano who sang a capella with twin sisters in ursing homes. Who knew that God was preparing me for greater ministry and service  to people through my non profit Brave Flame  Productions.  Chris 's artistry has embellished most of my songs and albums over the years and  we are grateful for the influence and inspiration of the the Holy Spirit through us frail and fragile instruments!

John Mulrenan, producer-engineer, Acorn Digital, Howell, NJ has also been a long-time friend and music partner. He has lent his artistry to my projects on keyboards, piano, bass and programming.  His expertise has been invaluable. He is an underrated and transcendent talent!

And last, but not least is my  talented  husband, Mark, who has been my sound engineer.since we married. His extensive  experience  doing sound for NJ's best  bands has been  a valuable asset to my music. Bless God for giving me such a devoted  husband!

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serving people/filling needs

All People Matter

From singing and comforting elderly, lonely people to mentoring kids from  challenged family backgrounds, Anita understands people.

God Loves People

Areas of Ministry

1982  Nursing Home Ministry

1989   Maximum Security Prisons & Correctional Facilities

The Promise Christian Band

1998   Love in the Name of Christ  Christian non-Profit

Coordinator: Just the Right Touch

One on One Mentoring,  Helping  welfare recipients & displaced homemakers transition to the work force, supplying appropriate business clothing & resumes & mentoring, 

Youth Advocate YAP, Youth Advocate Program.

Mentoring youth in social & life skills: liaison between parents/guardians  with  social service agencies

2002 Vocal & Guitar Instructor 

Beginner to advance vocal instruction

2002-2017  Telephone Book distributor PDC

2005  Brave Flame Productions & Outreach inception non-profit entity

Homeless outreach, food & Clothing, Evangelism, Hospice & Bedside  Ministry, Funeral and Wake Ministry

Music & Entertainment 

Church & Family Events, Private Corporate functions,  First Communion & Baptism  events