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       Anita met Jesus Christ in a tiny Pentecostal church in Silverton, NJ on a Sunday night in April. 1982. A shy non-practicing Catholic girl, in bondage for many years and haunted by many ghosts of  abuse, rape, shame and hopelessness. A glorious healing light burst through that night, even though she trembled under the growling, accusing voice of the  tattoo-biceped, ex marine, who slammed his fist on his  worn pulpit. His glittering black eyes bore through her.

   "If you die tonight in a car accident.. Will you go to heaven or burn in hell?"

       She declared the salvation prayer and in that small church, Anita finally found a loving, accepting family that she had always wanted. She bloomed, making up for many lost years, enrolling in college  and graduating at the top of her class, Magna cum laude.  The earning of that degree was interrupted though, by the courtship with a demented man who threatened to kill her if she didn't marry him.  That domestic violent season which lasted almost two years   nearly took away her  exuberant faith and  new-found  nursing home ministry. But Christ never abandoned her.

Healing took place and resilience set her back on track. She met  lead guitarist, Chris Durante at a church picnic where he invited her to front his Christian rock band with him. The Lord began to hone Anita in her new role as lead vocalist-lyricist of "The Promise" and Chris, her and the band shared the Gospel of Christ to the NJ, PA and NY maximum security prisons, family festivals and community showcases.

Anita also grew in leadership positions, teaching behavior modification classes at Nutri-System Weight Loss Centers and as a youth advocate for  Youth Advocate Program. Just as she was enjoying her life, strange and debilitating  symptoms sent her to the hospital where she was given a diagnosis of Lyme disease. 1992 was riddled with hospital intravaneous Rosephin  treatments and Amomoxicillin antibiotic.

The next several years, with her immune system breaking down and battling many episodes of bronchial infections she almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning from her apartment's broken heater. The carbon monoxide did serious damage to her brain and deep depression set in and she was unable to sustain employment.

 But God wasn't finished with her yet. She found herself once more with hope and found another accepting family at non-profit Christian outreach,  Love in the Name of Christ, in the Fall of 1998.  Executive Director,  Carolyn Eyerman and project Manager, Joan Hodem saw  things in Anita she never knew she had. The six years there taught her even more about people and serving their needs. This was also where her journey with the guitar started!

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure for Dystonia

Finding a Cure For Dystonia

Finding a Cure for dystonia

Jewelry and designs

finding my voice (BIO)

Joy in the Journey

Giant Slayer

Chasing 'em down, one at a time...

So, Anita Ivette Ferrer, was a gentle and fragile girl, easily frightened by the Outer Limits electricity monster and intimidated by her mother's raging temper tandtrums. Nonetheless, she had a dream. She sketched and sang and composed poetry  in careful calligraphy hand.

 A traumatic and threatening  encounter with a bullying classmate in her favorite art class shattered her pre-conceived notion that people were kind and could be trusted. The bullying continued till graduation day and she wore her cloak of shame and rejection like a weighted anchor. Doors don't swing open wide for  those who've suffered bullying,  abuse, poverty and/or molestation.

 But  in  April of 1982, Jesus Christ  opened wide  the door of grace and Anita walked through. Decades of deeply ingrained traumas and negative events were assuagged and she began to see more clearly that she had worth and God had a plan for her life..

Enrolling at Brookdale Community College, Anita  discovered that door of favor swung wide open and she rediscovered her poetry, singing and art. No longer fearful and distrusting of people, she was deeply curious and disturbed about injustice and social issues. er professors were impressed with her  empathy and passion to pursue studies in the humanities. Graduating with high honors despite great financial hardship and a violent failed, marriage, Anita knew that the best was yet to come.

     Anita's journey with Christ led her to chase and slay many giants, particularly health.  Lyme Disease  came in 1992 and then  carbon monoxide poisoning almost took her life in  1997.All during this time, Anita chronicled her life events through  her journaling and then came an invitation to learn the guitar.

   Her health lost it;s resilience from the damaging environmental assaults on her nervous system, but her love for composing songs and performing continued. Then were  menntoring broken women,  youth outreach and hospice. Outwardly, it looked as if Anita's continual suffering and down-spiraling health would  diminish her calling, but herdevotion and trust in Christ's promises was her saving grace and anchor.

Despite her present and most daunting giant, oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia from mercury poisoning, she continues to sing, write about and express her gratitude of facing death...and helping others to live!

Anita hopes to find a cure for the Dystonia so that she can travel and tour, speaking and singing about overcoming and getting better with age.Her heart beats for the glorious expectation of God's best through her. She hopes that her music and art will provoke intimacy with Christ and a deep empathy for hurt and broken people. She champions the  underrdog because she is a giant slayer.


In these turbulent and uncertain times, I must focus on peace.  I am a warrior-soldier, serving under  my commander-in-chef,  Jesus Christ.




So, Mark and I are back from our three week construction visit to our Georgia property. The 2 day (18 hour car drive, pulling a loaded trailer) always takes so much out of us, it takes several days for our bodies and immune systems to recoup our energy. I must admit, it is good to be back to my familiar neighborhood, convenient location to our grocery market and a short 35 minute drive to our Vitamin shop and home depot locations. Our property in GA is off the beaten track and an hour drive to anything.

Two days into being back to our New jersey house, my mind is more rested and focused to work on my blogs and get back to my Father’s business. There is much work for us intercessors and so needful for to be prayerful and alert, targeting some very serious crisis.

So I’m re- listening to my beloved pastor’s radio broadcast as I sip my morning coffee. As usual, he is on top of the latest pertinent news, national and global crisis which face us. Pastor Augusto and his fellow end-time ministers addressed some very urgent news. The subjects of SCOTUS’s Roe VS Wade status and the food shortage that was beginning to be a reality in many food pantries across America.

The most arresting statement was Pastor Augusto’s discourse of Gideon, old Testament judge. and his exploits for the Lord on behalf of the Israelites. During the period of the Judges, there was no King who rued over Israel and the leaders did whatever they wanted, especially worshiping idols, ( Baal and Ashoreth) which was an abomination to God. They were in great distress because the pagan people’s which surrounded them, plundered there cattle and food supply leaving them hungry and without sustenance.. God’s people cried out to God in repentance and as always, in His great Mercy, He would appoint someone to be their deliverer I love how God chooses the unconventional, outwardly foolish and/or the rejects to be his conduits of His mercy,

Gideon’s family was poor and he had the least influence his father’s house. An angel of the Lord appeared to him one day as he was threshing wheat secretly, to hide from the Midianite pillagers. As the story goes, the once timid and fearful man was greatly used of God to deliver the people from the oppression of the Midianites.

Pondering all the traitors and destroyers of our nation, I concur with Pastor Augusto’s, Larry and Chuck’s comments about the apathy of the church. I was compelled to revisit the book of Judges, as my mind was clearer today. Immediately, I thought of the title for this blog, A Few Good Men). Discussed on the program was the apathetic influence of the church in the 70’s. No one opposed one woman who was instrumental in getting prayer removed from schools and the  Roe VS Wade edict declared national law. Why did no Godly Christian men oppose these edicts?. I wondered about this for many years after I became a Christian.

Yes indeed, God needs a few good men and women, ( let us not forget the prophetess Deborah) and thank God for representative, Margery Taylor- Green. 

I’d like to add that our 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Conference family is comprised of about 70 per cent women. We need more male prayer warriors and I do thank God for the handful of men who have committed faithfully to their facilitators post. You men are called by God to be the priests of the home and the  holders and leaders of the law, so take your place and lead with righteous authority!

From the aparency of our nations’ condition glares ever somberly, America needs more good men like, Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Joe Manchin and Governor DeSantis. Thankfully, there are a few good men on Facebook, including some of my pastor friends, Pastors, Greg Locke, David Harris Jr, John Servier, Troy Cline, Albert Wright, Elias Vargas, Daniel Holdings, (and I see you laymen brothers who are also in the fight).

Most of all, I

I send a clarion call to you Christian brothers. You are called and ordained to lead with zeal, authority and righteousness.. You are called to do more than play an incredible guitar solo or comment on a Facebook or Youtube post,. Don’t worry about the price you have to pay for your godly calling for you will receive your reward when you face Jesus at the Bema (Judgement) Seat. I beseech you men, to stand up and make a stand before we lose our country to the Socialist–communists.    Please do not ignore or make light of this blog. The Cabal is in the midst of diabolical and draconian plans for global domination and slavery! . Every Christian man should be extremely concerned for the future of his children and grandchildren.

Get informed. There is a plethora of end-times news. Take time each day to read and p.ray accordingly. Here is a partial list of end times news websites you can get true information from:




Celebrating Sisters, (Rest in Peace) 

NOTE: Very sensitive information to be shared in the hopes of making us aware of the supernatural world of spirits, both good and evil. I had no idea about ungodly entities until after I became born-again and now realize, (through Christ) how we can indeed pray and deliver our precious family members. There is no blame in this blog, only great compassion for our precious siblings who had suffered abuse, molestation and/or abandonment. May we be courageous and report abuse to the proper authorities and seek help from compassionate teachers, adults and law enforcement. Those adult siblings presently caught in the throes of drug abuse, alcohol and/or incarceration were victims, but with Christ, counseling, deliverance and prayer they can be emancipated. Hallelujah!

I didn’t expect to to receive the news of my sisters passing via Facebook and I just about fainted when the truth sunk My brother-in-law’s message was short and polite. The news hit me like a ton of bricks and I flew off the edge of a cliff in a barrage of tears. I quickly sought my husband to inform him of the news. Thankfully, he was home and I fell into his arms.

So many turbulent thoughts whirled in my mind. How did she die? Why did she not call my other two sisters or me to share her burden And most important of all, did she reach out to Jesus in her last moments?

I called a prayer warrior Christian sister for prayer, asking that I would get some closure and answers through a conversation with my sister’s husband,. We hadn’t spoken in , years. God answered my prayer, for the very next day, my sister’s husband Gerry called , For two hours, my husband, Mark and listened closely as Gerry shared how my sister lived with terrible pain, morning, noon and night. She placed tissue boxes in every room because she cried so much for the pain. Gerry told us she was also was also on pain killers and many harmful drugs which, most likely affected her heath. She was in the hospital for a month and was terminal. I was weeping almost the whole time. Mark and I were shocked to hear of Bo’s suffering, the lackadaisical treatment by the military medical personnel who treated her and her deep depression.

That all being said, I do not wish this blog to be totally tragic ,however heartbreaking Bo’s devastating health journey was and her passing. I do have many bittersweet memories and special times I had with her. Though I mourn the lost years my sisters and I suffered because of unfair and traumatic childhoods, (because of our parent’s generational strongholds), I choose to unconditionally love my other two living sisters. I forgive my deceased parents, They raised us as best as they could and I release regret, to Father God who is the all gracious and all perfect father!

I urge mother and fathers Not beat their little ones when they wet their beds. I believe my sister’s wounds began with her bed wedding, a result of our parents daily fighting. My German mother didn’t tolerate back talk of any kind and anyone who answered back had their bedrooms ripped apart and got a good beating. For that my sister was despised. And over the years, even into adulthood, my sister always had strife with the other two sisters. (and unrequited sibling rivalry with me). I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her inner violent conflicts was what contributed to her being miserable, angry, getting Graves Disease and later, Cancer.

I’ve learned through years of trauma counseling, that unforgiveness, rage, bitterness open the doors to chronic illness and pain. I knew that if I were to live an abundant and productive life, I would have to choose the road of forgiveness, unconditional love and Christ’s redemptive power of transformation. I am a survivor and I will not allow my sisters life to be in vain.

I want to remember and celebrate the special things that made her…her.

One of Bo’s happiest and fulfilling times was as female lead singer of her wedding band. She had a beautiful voice and loved dance and pop music. I also remember our times as teen-agers enjoying our week-ends at the Eatontown Roller rink. Bo became a great roller skater and when the keyboardist played her favorites songs, she exploded in joy. My sisters and my most fun memories were from our times together at the roller rink!

Bo was very photogenic and I often dressed her up and did dramatic make-up on her face for my portrait and modeling sessions. I was just learning to experiment with my Canon camera and my sisters were my models.

Bo always struggled with being a military wife, being separated from her family. She so relished times when she traveled to New Jersey to stay with my father or me for a few weeks. I remember one time she stayed with me at my loft apartment and I gave her the Qyeen treatment for several weeks. She enjoyed the amazing meals I cooked for her and it was great to see her happy! I wanted to show her how loved and cherished she was.

Bo’s great joy was her dogs. They were her babies and she was very attached to them. We’ve had countless conversations about their shenanigans and just s many pictures of her and her “fur babies”.

Bo’s most memorable and precious event was marrying her beloved best friend and soulsmate, Gerry. I tailored her wedding dress and photographed her wedding. It was one of her brightest days and Mark and I have been blessed to welcome and love Gerry into our family and hearts!

My desire regarding my sister’s passing to to give glory of God, as Job did. That even in the event God slays me, yet shall I praise Him. I draw my focus not on the tragedy and unfairness of Bo’s great suffering and her passing,, but to understand that she did know who Christ was and is probably now in perfect health and dancing with Jesus!

So, to end this blog, I share some advice on those who have siblings both very young ones or adult.

During a conflict or big fight, be he first one to apologize or reconcile.

Work on being humble and compassionate, even if a sibling is quarrelsome or unreasonable. Pray and ask Jesus to help you.

Get a good Bible and read-meditate daily.

If you see abuse or there is sexual abuse with you or your sibling, share with a trusted teacher and/or compassionate adult.

Learn to forgive and make effort to reconcile and work out differences

If you are a child or teen, work on conquering your sibling rivalry and focus on your own special talents and giftings. You are unique and wonderfully created by your heavenly Father.

If you are the eldest sibling, (as I was) and the most sensitive and able to communicate well, contact your priest, pastor or Sunday School teacher and ask them to contact your parents if there is child abuse and/or neglect. I most regret being very timid and easily traumatized by my parents anger, fighting and their harsh treatment of us girl. Had I been more courageous to confront my mother, perhaps Bo’s diminished adult life would not have been so.

May my precious sister live in eternal peace and joy with her Savior, Jesus Christ!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give me wisdom and kindness, guidance and grace as I deepen my relationship with my sister. Give me a heart that listens with compassion. Let me know when to keep silence and when to tell the truth in love. Give me the courage to stand and defend her when she is attacked or abused. and send me the right adult who will intervene and counsel in regard to the health and safety of my family. I thank you precious Father, and ask this in the name of your beloved son, Jesus, my Savior and Lord, Amen.


So, we intercessors, (prayer warriors) are engaging heavy spiritual warfare each day on the conference line. To be honest, many days I wake up dreading to hear the news reports about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the gas and grocery prices increasing daily and more bad news regarding the non-efficacy of the Franken shot, (vaccine).

I wept, while watching a CBN Christian Broadcast Network clip where huge flocks of refugees frantically made their way to train stations to escape the bombing of their city. My mind still has not been able to grasp the utter unnecessary and cruelly calculating decisions, (and their consequences) of wicked leaders which so devastatingly affect millions of hapless people. My heart has been heavy and again, I feel overwhelmed, grieving and helpless.

Nonetheless, I still have my small voice and am assured that when I unite my prayers with my fellow prayer warriors on our conference calls each day., God, in His heavenly courtroom hears.

A few weeks ago during my prayer time, I felt the Lord impressing on my heart to share my heart with our leaders. My husband said, “Why bother? You’re wasting your time and your letter will only go in the trash.” Nonetheless, I asserted that I have favor with my Heavenly father and even if only a few are moved by my words, it is worth the effort. When I was satisfied with the contents of my letter, I asked one of my spiritual “moms” to review and edit. “Momma” Maureen was very supportive and encouraged me.

I found a great website with the names and contacts of our US senators and started my endeavor of handwriting envelopes and my signatures. With each batch of letters brought to the post office and mailed, I felt rewarded to be investing, even in a small way, in my beloved country as things are escalating so negatively.

As I write this blog, I wonder why there are so few patriots and true devotees of our beloved nation, (however flawed she is) and however crooked and wicked most politicians are.. My pastor, Augusto Perez, The Appearance, a faithful and anointed “watchman” on the wall, has been warning us “lambs” for years to stop sitting on our butts and take action! He has never wavered in this taxing and challenging calling to equip us and to prepare us for some extremely dark and difficult days if we do not do something! I notice an urgent and very frustrated tone when he shares details of the ever-increasing wickedness done by the powers that be. And sadly, most children of the most high God are oblivious. I see apathy and ignorance everyday on Facebook::, pictures of meals they’ve had, trivia and nonsense when our nation is going to hell in a hand-basket!

Folks, we are about to lose our country. I’m just an obscure songwriter-journalist here in South Jersey, but if we all make our voices heard, either through calls emails and/or letters, we may postpone this ungodly deluge of evil communist bondage enough to bring in Father God’s harvest of souls.

This is what this warfare is about! Father God wants all to make it to heaven through the precious Savior and Redeemer of the world. And, this will not happen if a nuclear war snuffs out billions.

I beseech you true Christian brethren, patriots and lovers of freedom. Make your voices heard, Call or write today and let our congressmen, senators and governors know we do not accept what is happening to our nation and we ask they do something about it! Please pray and ask the lord what he will have you to write or say. Our future and many people’s eternal destinies are at stake here.

Join God’s holy forces today. Pray and ACT as you’ve never prayed before. I pray my letter will motivate you into action and may God bless you and your family today.

Dear Most Honorable—————————————–

             I am an obscure singer-songwriter-Psalmist running a tiny one woman, nonprofit, philanthropic outreach in southern New Jersey. After graduating from college, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Communications and Social Sciences, I became Christ-focused and people-centered. From the smelly halls of nursing homes, to the cold steel-celled cubicles of maximum security facilities, to energetic family and youth festivals, I have grown to love people.

           As a high schooler, watching my family disintegrate, (my parents’ divorce caused my sisters and I to be cast into foster care), I was determined that when I grew up, I would make a difference in my world. I yearned to understand people and help solve social ills.

             As a young adult, I gained great insight and experience mentoring precious, broken women entering the workforce from the welfare rolls while working with a national non-profit Christian outreach. I learned more about social injustice at that tome. I also saw how churches and civic leaders could work together to solve crises, and help people’s lives to be transformed through the unction and influence of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Messiah of the world!

              So, here I am, a mature adult woman, passionately pursuing journalism. and engaging in spiritual warfare for my pastor’s Prayer Battalion. His latest report was so disturbing I had great trouble sleeping. The next day, my husband shared a report from Deborah Tavares, Stop the Crime, a well-researched watch-woman.

America is in deep trouble and we are about to plunge off the precipice…unless our leaders push back against the evil men bent on destroying our beloved nation. The bone-chilling reports which compelled me to write to you are:

          1. Interstate travel checkpoints;

2. The threat of war with Russia and the increased sanctions;

3. Denial of religious exemptions regarding forced inoculations on our military;

4. Continued censorship of our top conservative doctors, and medical and scientific researchers, and the dangers of the toxic “vaccine” Frankenshot containing Graphine Oxide);

5. Marketing of our precious newborns for their blood and body parts;

6 Deployment of hazardous 5G;

7. Farmers being paid huge sums of money to burn their crops and the topsoil being sent to China, because their food supply is challenged.

             As my pastor said on this week’s broadcast, “There are traitors, HIGH Treason, in VERY high places.” The responsibility of the American people is on the shoulder of our Congressmen, Senators and Governors.

We American citizens are as vulnerable as sitting ducks; starvation, detention camps and unjust incarceration threaten us. Precious patriots are still incarcerated AND mistreated regarding the Capitol event in January 2021…and no one is doing anything about it!

               I have very little influence here in NJ, but I have a voice and I ask: How would you address these very crucial situations our people and nation face today? I am accountable to the Almighty and I’m ever aware that one day, all of us will have to stand and give an account when we stand and face Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah. The Bible tells:

            “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the cbooks were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works .”Revelation 20:12

               Countless intercessors and pastors are upholding you and your family before God, asking that His heavenly angels protect you. May your faith, integrity and devotion to our nation, Constitution . and Almighty God increase.

I thank you, honorable…………………………………for your time and consideration of this letter.

Most respectfully,

Reverend Anita Ivette Ferrer

Brave Flame Productions & Outreach

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Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. KJV” - Moses

— The Bible


Finding a Cure for DystoniA

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Lead Guitarist, Chris Durante

Guitar Artistry

So,  I met Chris Durante at a church picnic in the summer of 1989 and he asked me if I would front his  Christian hard Rock Band, The Promise. I was just a folk soprano who sang a capella with twin sisters in ursing homes. Who knew that God was preparing me for greater ministry and service  to people through my non profit Brave Flame  Productions.  Chris 's artistry has embellished most of my songs and albums over the years and  we are grateful for the influence and inspiration of the the Holy Spirit through us frail and fragile instruments!

John Mulrenan, producer-engineer, Acorn Digital, Howell, NJ has also been a long-time friend and music partner. He has lent his artistry to my projects on keyboards, piano, bass and programming.  His expertise has been invaluable. He is an underrated and transcendent talent!

And last, but not least is my  talented  husband, Mark, who has been my sound engineer.since we married. His extensive  experience  doing sound for NJ's best  bands has been  a valuable asset to my music. Bless God for giving me such a devoted  husband!

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serving people/filling needs

All People Matter

From singing and comforting elderly, lonely people to mentoring kids from  challenged family backgrounds, Anita understands people.

God Loves People

Areas of Ministry

1982  Nursing Home Ministry

1989   Maximum Security Prisons & Correctional Facilities

The Promise Christian Band

1998   Love in the Name of Christ  Christian non-Profit

Coordinator: Just the Right Touch

One on One Mentoring,  Helping  welfare recipients & displaced homemakers transition to the work force, supplying appropriate business clothing & resumes & mentoring, 

Youth Advocate YAP, Youth Advocate Program.

Mentoring youth in social & life skills: liaison between parents/guardians  with  social service agencies

2002 Vocal & Guitar Instructor 

Beginner to advance vocal instruction

2002-2017  Telephone Book distributor PDC

2005  Brave Flame Productions & Outreach inception non-profit entity

Homeless outreach, food & Clothing, Evangelism, Hospice & Bedside  Ministry, Funeral and Wake Ministry

Music & Entertainment 

Church & Family Events, Private Corporate functions,  First Communion & Baptism  events