Note: very sensitive material and specifically directed to born-again Christian intercessors and ministers, who are concerned about the destiny of the United States and humanity. To my health and music aficionados: blogs will be available for your reading pleasure after New Year’s day.

Ahaz sacrificed his children by burning them in the fire, after the abominations of the heathen. 2 Chron 28:3. He sacrificed also, and burnt incense in the high places, and on the hills, and under every green tree. 2 Chron 28:4. Wherefore the Lord his God delivered Ahaz to the king of Syria, and they smote him, and carried away a great multitude of them captive, and brought them to Damascus: And he was also delivered into the hand of the king of Israel, who smote him with a great slaughter. 2 Chron 28:5

Yesterday morning, as I prepared to spend quiet time with the Lord, my Bible fell open to the account of king Ahaz. I have walked with my heavenly Father and Jesus closely since 1982, and have read the Bible innumerable times; but I knew Holy spirit was drawing my attention. As I read the book of 2 Chronicles account of King Ahaz’s reign; I paid close attention to the consequences of his wicked deeds; which caused all of Israel to suffer.

As an intercessor, uniting with other passionate and devoted intercessor groups, I continue to groan about the abominations occurring here in my nation. The headlines continue to blare gruesome and needless crimes of murder, robbery, greed and political-social injustices. I wonder if our prayers are hitting the target; and ponder why I see so little positive change. I feel frustrated and even angry that my Christian prayer warriors are praying so diligently; yet the cloud of darkness looks like a toxic, devouring tsunami of wickedness, injustice and depravity coming to decimate our nation and the world.

And then, my husband mark and I watched as Alex Jones groaned in rage about Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile, child-sacrificing cohorts. It struck me this morning as I again went to King Ahaz’s abominable reign and his utter wickedness of apostasy and child sacrifice. Isn’t that what’s happening in our own nation today? We listened to Alex’s millennial journalist-reporting crew share the brutal truth that precious new born babies are being shipped out for their parts. More horrific, are the acts of ungodly scientists that are concocting DNA experiments, and impregnating women, so that their babies are drained of their blood, in an attempt to enhance their own bodies!

It is a miracle that Adonai’s (father God’s) judgment has not taken us out yet. Folks, Christian brothers and sisters, we must do something about this. We are faithfully declaring a moratorium on the Roe vs Wade edict; but satan is cunning. He seeks any access to get our unborn and our infants; just as he did when Baby Jesus was born.

Last night, I was listening to my pastor Augusto Perez’ teaching series, Beyond the Veil. I was struck by his statement that many of our prayers actually do not hit the target; because they are “soulish” prayers. Our prayers hit the target and please Father, when we connect intimately to him by our “spirit” man. This is a concept we must examine, meditate on, and understand, in the spirit; before we can be assured that our prayers are availing much. James 5:16 I hear eloquent and pious prayer often, (and many of us are impressed); but Pastor Augusto says that they do not impress God. God is moved by empathetic and travailing tears.

Beloved brothers and sisters, we must be absolutely focused. We see Psalmist King David had cried in psalm 119, to understand wisdom. Do we truly understand, (to the quantum level) what we are praying about; and what is important to the heart of God? Have we allowed the adversary to distract us with the trivialities of our Facebook likes, arguing about post or pre-rapture doctrine; and gossiping about others; when our vulnerable and innocent babies are being sacrificed to the cabal!?

I encourage you all to revisit 2 Chronicles 28. After you have pondered all the abominations, apostasy, and irreverent actions done to God’s Holy Temple, by King Ahaz; then read and compare how King Hezekiah was righteous, and went to clean up the mess of the king before him.,

King Hezekiah did not compromise in any way. Therefore, his ways pleased God. We must be meticulous and seek the holy Spirit’s magnifying glass, to illuminate our prayers, motives and petitions. And we must be faithful about daily repenting when we miss the mark. Often, we may not even realize that our prayers have missed the mark. Although, the Bible says that if it were possible; the very elect could be deceived. Mat 24:24 We intercessors are not above being deceived.

We also need to take great care to protect our unborn and infants from the wolves and jackals, (pedophiles, infant butchers, and sex-trafficking ring-leaders) that have so caused our nation to weaken and the United States will do down if we prayer warriors do not seriously oppose and confront. We know what God says about shedding innocent blood.

I believe there is a parallel between 2 Chron 28 (the reign of wicked King Ahaz) and our present United States. Our political leaders are ruled by the same demonic spirits that ruled King Ahaz and his administration. America’s political and spiritual leaders have been bought out and compromised, by the spirit of Mammon, murder (infanticide), apostasy, and conquest-power; (because they fear man, the Cabal). Isn’t God, along with his heavenly hosts, able to protect his leaders? The bible has already given us prime examples of leaders who did not bow to the enemy; and Adonai was faithful to deliver and protect.

So to end this urgent message, my prayer is that each day we ask Holy Spirit to pray prayers from our Spirit man, prayers of true travailing tears. We will see America transformed if we are obedient, humble, and advocate the helpless.