So, all you preppers out there have garnered your emergency food supplies, water filters and guns. You’re all confident that when the crash comes, you are armed and ready. I do commend you all for adjusting your modern and convenient lifestyles to emulate the hardy Amish.. One thing I pray you haven’t left out of the equation is to prep your bodies.

  I’m a participant of several Facebook groups. We grapple with certain chronic and/or incapacitating symptoms. Many have just about lost all hope of recovering and some are even close to suicide. I’ve often felt hopeless and were it not for my very strong faith in Christ, I’d probably be amongst the suicidal.

  I’m blessed and humbled to have the role of intercessor, prayer warrior, where I have the privilege to inspiring others to abide in Christ for their healing and recovery. Let’s remember that that the powers that be are determined to make and keep us sick with all kinds of deadly assaults, (chemtrails, Fluoridated water, GMOs, Glyphosate, pharmaceuticals and even unspecified artificial ingredients in processed foods). Most of us, seeking fellowship on the Face book support groups struggle each day with symptoms that are almost impossible to deal with.

  For you precious ones who follow my blog, I’m informing you that my urgent quest for relief and healing is ongoing. Every time I discover new and crucial information and protocols to to address Chronic Lyme, EMF sensitivity and long cov!d; I want to pass it on to you so you also can share with friends, family and loved ones who hit a brick wall about a medical condition. There is always hope for those who believe that God is our help!

  In my research, I continually find incredible amounts of information from well-researched doctors who tell us how the body breaks down; and the different bacterial, fungal, viral and heavy metal constituents; which eventually lead to a serious disease.

  I recently listened to a amazing dissertation from doctor Jay Davidson, researching Mimosa Pudica, (an aurvedic substance used for parasitic infections.) I’ve tried various parasite supplements and detox regimens with no results. I ignorantly disregarded my serious inflammation issue and teeth-grinding as an urgent health crisis and suffered greatly. I now had to deal with esophageal problems and the jaw-mouth-jaw spasms, ( which caused my teeth to get very worn down. to the point where the nerves exposed themselves and eating cold food hurt)! I felt hope arising after finding Doctor Jay’s well-researched information, (which included Lyme, mold and parasite infection). I’ve come to the conclusion that I should start attributing my chronic Lyme, fatigue and Dystonia symptoms, to a severe parasite infection. And some of you may not have even imagined that you have parasites; but it is a fact that Americans are just as susceptible to parasites as any south American or Asian citizen. And they often partake in bi-annual parasite detox programs!

  A few days ago, while researching Glyphosate toxicity, I came upon another amazing doctor, Dr Stephani Seneff. Honestly, I was aware since last year, that Glyphosate was unsafe, not realizing the true severity of it’s toxicity on my body. I was struggling to ascertain the cause of the bone loss beneath my gums; and now find that Glyphosate poisoning could be the cause.

Dr Stephanie’s breakdown of Glyphosate toxicity.

  Now, I am convinced that my lackadaisical attitude about Glyphosate detoxing has caused severe damage to my already taxed body and I regret not more seriously addressing Glyphosate poisoning.

  It is of utmost importance for those of us suffering from Lyme Disease, Mold Illness, EMF sensitivity, Heavy metal toxicity, Mercury poisoning and Cov!d; to take responsibility for our health and wellness. I understand totally, that many of us are so fatigued and/or in great pain; we can’t muster the energy and focus to attend to the laborious process of researching for our wellness. The bottom line is that we have to do it or die; as was the the title of the 2002 book Detoxify or Die, by environmental medicine Dr. Sherry Rogers. Some of us have such serious and complicated symptoms that only God can unravel the mystery. He will assist us to press through and discipline ourselves to collect and apply the necessary protocols and regimens to heal. It is our choice. Most orthodox physicians do not make the effort to research because of lack of time or not caring.

 I pray that as you read this blog, that you take the time to keep notes in your health journal or notebook. I am a passionate artist-musician and would prefer to spend my limited energy on writing new music and hobnobbing with other musicians; but I know that if I do not apply the necessary detoxing, sauna, supplementation and strict pure lifestyle; I will die.

  During my 30- plus years performing and spiritually mentoring many people; I have come to truly care about people. God has revealed to me the precious and abundant destiny He desires for everyone. Sadly, the agenda of the ‘powers that be’ are to weaken, dumb down and slowly kill as many people as they can. And… they have been very successful in their diabolical plan to kill and maim many with the dreadful epidemic.

   I wish to remind you dedicated preppers that if you neglect to prepare your bodies ( and detox regimens now), when the system crashes, you will be unable to sustain health and wellness. There will be no emergency walk-ins, hospitals or supplement and vitamin companies. Now is the time garner the supplements, healing herbs canned foods and remedies . All your prepping of emergency food, water and guns will be of no good, if you are sick , dying and without any medical and health supplies.

I hope this blog awakens your perception and understanding of survival wellness.

   Here is an essential book about foraging for edible plants when the economy crashes and/or food runs out,


 Some of you may play the devil’s advocate, maybe thinking, So what, about this blog. It would really impress me if this blogger said, “I did this protocol and I was healed!” I did not compose his blog to impress. I posted it because my prayer is that despite us suffering year after year, not improving despite the best of efforts and no miraculous healing, your faith will advance to an even higher, divine level of  faith that God is so pleased with.

  To sum this all up, I recently sang one of my favorite inspirational songs from Martina Mcbride at a lovely restaurant, The Spot in Americus Georgia. The first time I hear Martina sing it, my eyes welled up in tears. I could so relate to the chorus: Please listen with your heart:

         God is great But sometimes life ain’t good
       And when I pray It doesn’t always turn out like I think it should
          But I do it anyway I do it anyway

And last and most important of all, those who abide in Yehovah God, in His divine shelter and in what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, we will be far ahead of those who do not trust and believe. God is the only one who promises His divine provision and and protection. When life as we know it ceases to be; we had better be established and rooted in the one and only rock of Salvation! Yehovah God grants wisdom and life to those who hear and obey. The foolish and disobedient, (those who mock God, Christ and his whistle-blowers) will be suddenly shocked when they find themselves surrounded by the vicious wolves who will tear them apart and eat them!

 Now is the time to accept Christ as your Savior, and The Holy Spirit will teach you wisdom, counsel and direction for these very dark times ahead. May Father God bless you as you listen, heed and obey those things that bring life and sustenance!. Meditate and live by Psalm 91.