What You Don’t Know…(Good Health Basics 101)

This is a very short article, but perhaps will be one of the most important you’ll ever read and think about. What you don’t know…will kill you!

It really depends on how much you care about you body and the bodes of your loved ones. To think that saying Grace, (the meal prayer0, protects you from all things evil or contaminating is like jumping off a 10 story building and saying that God will send angels to parachute you down safely to the ground.

Since my devastating 5 year season of Lyme Disease and Candida, my interest in preventative medicine has been profound. I’ve learned firsthand, that the terrible consequences of nutritional and dietary invites a severe and sometimes fatal penalty. Why people continue to recklessly abuse their bodies with tainted food, beverages and nicotine astounds me and then they are absolutely shocked when their bodies collapse and their doctor gives them a diagnosis of Cancer, Diabetes or Alzheimer’s. I have lost too many precious friends each year to Cancer and other degenerative conditions. It breaks my heart.

I felt an urgency to publish this blog today, in the hopes of sparing you the grief of seeing loved ones falling pray to a terminal or serious chronic illness. My husband Mark and have experienced, too close to home the devastating and stressful issue of elderly parents refusing to change their ways. Mark’s 89 year-old mother ignored Mark’s pleas to buying and drinking diet soda, He explained how Sucralose, (an artificial sweetener) damages the body. His mother always had an ample supply of candy, cookies and sweets around her house. Her vision and hearing was rapidly deteriorating, and this was causing her her great distress as she couldn’t participate in conversations. Her joints also gave her terrible pain and she cried out a lot.

My heart was heavily burdened to watch my own mother waste away in body and mental capacity because of decades of eating fast food, poor quality snacks, and little supplementation. Her end was heart-breaking. Her last month of life was laying immobile and unable to even speak because her body was so malnutritioned and devoid of any quality nutrition from her nursing-home diet. It was almost unbearable to think about my mothers life.. Over the years, Mark and I both shared valuable health information, but she refused to listen to anyone’s good counsel. No amount of prodding by us or my others sisters would inpsire her to change.

So, I will keep this blog short, sharing a few of my nuggets of health and diet wisdom which I’d acquired over the years. I will say, there is no excuse to perpetuate unhealthy eating, being inactive and not taking good supplements. Despite my staggering and often very uncomfortable symptoms, I know that my acute and focused thinking and ability to research and write about complicated health and medical articles is because of strict adherence to natural and organic juicing, fresh air, exercise and prayer, (God’s word). I also have made a habit of seeking others out who are suffering more than me and building them up. Giving hope and sowing kindness to others has a healing effect and is so pleasing to God.

Here is a list of dos that will help you live a healthier and happier life:

  1. Start somewhere, just a baby step forward asking God for help. He is never too busy or on hold. Ask Him for wisdom!

2. Read your labels. Artificial additives, BHT, High Fructose Syrup, Sucralose, and many others are toxic and or cause digestive distress. The less ingredients and additives, the better.

3. Stop taking artificial sweeteners. Do your research

4. High fat meat products are bad. Kielbasa and other processed meats have nitrates, (which contribute to Stomach , Colon Cancer, etc)

5. Understand environmental assaults, like Round Up, an herbicide, which is highly toxic to the nervous system . Chem trails release metals , Barium and unknown bacteria Zeolite is a good metal detoxifier.

6. Get a sturdy juicer and start juicing organic beet, carrot and celery juice. Beets are great for purifying the blood.

7. Start each morning with an amazing cleansing lemon juice elixir. Dr. Mandel on YouTube has some amazing help for health, chiropractic and Dystonia-neck issues.

8. Try to get fresh air and a minimum of 20 minutes excursive each day

9. Supplementation is essential because the soil which our produce and grains are grown in do not have the plenteous mineral content as decades ago. The basics would be powdered Vitamin C, Vit D, K, E A, Zinc, The anti oxidants are most important because of our high=stress society and the many toxic environmental assaults.

10. Look out for Fluoride in municipal water. Fluoride damages brain cells. (again do your own research from Godly doctors who truly care about your health and well-being. Many MDs are connected with Big Pharma. Think about Investing in a good Reverse Osmosis water filter system. Distilled water is also beneficial if you have problems with Heavy metals. Do your own research for the safety and health of your family. Most spring water bought in stores are not from pure sources.

11. Stay away from most grains which are bathed in Glyphosate and often mold spores. Mold Illness is on the rise and it serious. Investigate if you or your family has breathing problems, congestion and lung infections. I almost died from Mold Poisoning.

12. Watch out for Lyme Disease from Tick, mosquitos and insect bites. Lyme disease is easily transmitted and can be life-threatening.

13 Watch out for Antibiotics Pharmaceuticals and vaccines. DO YOUR research. Do NOT believe in all the mainstream media reporting bureaus. This is where so many are suffering disability and even death taking the word for truth that the mainstream channels report. Go to alternative sources for your information and compare notes. Do not even take your pastors advice. Pray and ask Holy Spirt fort guidance and DO your own research.

14. Watch out for amalgam mercury fillings. They are deadly, cause serious immune issues and are toxic. There is no reason the dental establishment should have ever promoted mercury fillings. I’m still suffering severe neurological seizures because a dentists removed one mercury filling without the HAZMAT protocol. Mercury is highly toxic and kills. Be extra cautious. Do your research, take notes and find an excellent holistic dentist if you have amalgam fillings!

15. Cut back sugar, fruit juices, soda and high sugar sweets. Stevia is a natural alternative

My husband Mark and I have paid a heavy price with our health because we followed bad advice and/or did not do enough research. He is battling CIPRO poisoning, (an antibiotic which was prescribed by his doctor for kidney infection). I cannot stress enough for you to take responsibility for you and your family’s body, health and longevity. Because I minister and share information with so many precious, suffering people on the various Facebook groups, Dystonia, Lyme, Mold Illness, Morgellon’s and Dystonia, I have a deep empathy to see them recover and regain a vivacious and productive life. To road to wellness is often quite difficult, but with the support of caring and informed health mentors, many will heal.

I hope this blog gives you hope and motivates you to pursue wellness for a better life. God bless you and I have many articles which I know will enlighten you. Follow them nd be informed and victorious..