Greetings and Shalom to all you precious people. It’s come to my attention, a n urgent article sent to me this week by one of our prayer warrior sisters. I believe it is one of the most urgent and comprehensive medical and scientific information for your longevity and health that you’ll ever read.

My love for people and especially their divine right to be healthy and productive has been my passion since 1982. I’ve never been interested or concerned for controversy or conspiracy theories. I am passionate about truth, righteousness. and seeing all people walk in the freedom and fruitfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, a very dear Christian sister and i were about to get into prayer as we usually do Monday afternoons at 1 pm. Debbie, (name changed for privacy) is a nurse at a nursing facility and she shared about the difficult day she had with an elderly patient. As she and another aid was helping lift the elderly man out of the bed, he was spewing diarrhea which would not stop. And he continue to soil himself even as another diaper was put on. I asked Debbie if he was ill and she said that he just had his third booster shot!

The severity of this poor man’s symptoms didn’t hit me until today as I was getting into God’s presence. I thought about that man, ninety-four years old, being totally out of control of his faculties and with no rights s to what drugs were forced upon him. I burst into tears and began praying for the elderly in nursing homes. I was involved in serious nursing home and hospice ministry most of my Christian life. I have a great love for the handicapped also.

People, I cannot fathom why anyone in their right mind would even entertain the thought of being injected with a substance that does not belong in a human body! Why would you all trust the news media without investigating the possible side effects the vaccine or pharmaceutical would give? Graphine Oxide does not belong in a body! I don’t understand the logic of so many people taking the Frankenshot while reports are exploding on the conservative reporting platforms.

Before you read the rest of this article, I ask you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit Spiro to expand your mind and spirit to receive Godly and truthful revelation. We should never fear the opportunity to be well-informed, however frightening a truth could be. Part of being wise is understanding wisdom and knowledge.

Just to remind you, my main calling has been music and worship and I have two inspirational songs that call my attention, but, after watching the video and hearing two professional doctors with scientific expertise describe the compounds of this Frankenshot, I must inform.

The liberal media continues to lie, by lauding he efficacy of the Covid vaccine, but the lie is perpetuated for deeply sinister purposes. You should familiarize yourself with Tom Horn’s Trans humanism research and get reacquainted with your Bible, the book of Revelation and understand we are heading to the time of the Mark of the beast.

You body is the Lord’s Bottom line, be not ignorant of the signs, Jesus warned us. Millions are at the brink of their demise. Thank the Lord for Alex Jones INFO WARS reporting. many are on the brink of becoming something other than human. Don;t be one of them.

Your body is a magnificent creation of Almighty God., do not offer it up so easily to that which is not of God!