So, It’s been about six months since my religious use of my Biocidin, Oregano oil, gut biome liquid,, organic, juicing and the innumerable supplements prescribed by my Mold Illness doctor.. It absolutely makes no sense that no matter how strict (and gluten-free) my diet is, my progress is extremely slow and I have yet to experienced my former life of energy and joy. It also doesn’t add up that before my Dystonia diagnosis, (and the past year severe jaw-mouth and breathing problem) , I was highly self-motivated, performing gigs and private events all over New Jersey. I loved being outdoors in the fresh air and getting regular exercise in my part time independent contracting job delivering telephone books.

I had to retire from my job because my nervous system could not tolerate even the truck’s alternator energy nor the electrical power My neck, and shoulder became so taxed I was drained. I was very suspicious also about the condition of my hair. Mark had cut off the hair at my nape for a hair analysis test. After five years, that hair has only grown about 6 inches! The quality is poor, dry and brittle despite high quality vitamins, MSM and Biotin which are powerful hair and nail growth boosters. It was as if all my nutrients were being devoured by some unknown thief. I had to get to the bottom of the malnutrition issue. Something strange is going on in my body.

Several years ago, one of my functional practitioners saw the results of my blood test and was alarmed at the high ratio of aluminum, barium and metals. He asked me, “How on earth are you getting all these metals?”

Even my latest doctor, a mold illness specialist, was so baffled at the intensity of my spasms. I asked him if he’s ever had a patient like me and he said he is totally baffled at what he saw. An environmental MD who treated me seven years ago with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s mercury Detox chelation regimen was also disappointed and baffled beyond words that I didn’t improve at all.

During all of this duress, my quest for healing and wellness has been diligent and urgent and I’m grateful for the courageous watchmen and women , such as Alex Jones, Dr. Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr. Simon Gold, Dr. Tenpanny and many other others who have been threatened and maligned.

I’m not one to surrender to failure or disability. I’m determined to get my life and health back and take authority over the assaults sent against me, so help me, God. I’m connecting the dots and that will lead me to answers. I’m hearing reports from Christian prayer warriors, intercessors and pastors who are suffering unusual infections, neurological disabilities and weird unexplained rashes. No doubt. then, doused with chemtrail concoctions of bacteria, fungus, blood, viruses, nano-particulates, (Tony Pantelleresco is an expert on nano-particles) barium, aluminum, (the last two causing brain and neurological disorders).

I happened upon some YouTube videos on Morgellons disease and chemtrail effects on the human body. I also leaned about ungodly people in high places and with high authority using DEW Directed Energy weapons warfare to target individuals.. You all should not put it past these people who are responsible for doing all sorts of evil experiments and assignments to disable the human race, making us easy, weakened prey for bondage. It is time for God’s people to wake up and stop calling every weird event a conspiracy theory. Don’t call conspiracies, conspiracy theories. They are real demonic agendas unraveling to destroy humanity!

There is nothing new under the sun, as the Book of Ecclesiastes says. The same highly-advanced technology satan used before the flood, (to taint humanities’ DNA) is what he continues to do through willing and reprobate individuals like Bill Gates and his crew of demonic scientists and medical professionals.

Dr. Pat Holiday and Dr. Sabrina Sessions on Morgellons Disease:


Folks, we are in the midst of the greatest spiritual battle humanity has ever faced. Few pastors are willing to delve into the reality of demonic trenches within the Deep States’ plans for mankind’s annihilation and decent into transhumanism! Because of my present fragile physical state, I will let the information of the following experts share their documentation and experience. The videos presented here may shock you. Please have an open mind. Minds are like parachutes…they only work when they are open!

I highly encourage you to research and learn about leading authority on Transhumanism, Dr.Rev Tom Horn. May the information you learn here grant you peace, wisdom and a good strategy of good health for your family and pets.