So, it’s been about a year since being under the care of Brooklyn Hanna, nurse-facilitator of our Facebook Mold illness/CRS group. This woman is so helpful and besides being a Christian, she is so eager to be transparent and share all her knowledge with us.

Since 2007, (when that nitwit dentist removed my one amalgam filling without the Hazmat rubber dam protocol) the journey has been extremely slow and discouraging, but I am determined to get back to my performing and recording in the studio. I’m continually rewarded to be able to share the vital information and natural healing protocols to the many suffering on the Mold Illness/CRS, Lyme Disease and Dystonia Facebook groups. So many are severely discouraged and even losing hope because their symptoms are so disabling and /or painful.

Researching is the major time- consumer, more than guitar practicing or song-writing.. I haven’t been inspired to write new songs or work on my book and photography because my body is in distress from the time I wake up to the time i go to sleep each night. At times I get disgusted with the routine of having to take 6 Snooze in melotonin sleep capsules, 2 PM Ibuprofen, 6 caps of GABA and CALM powdered magnesium just to get undisturbed sleep. Without these, I would be waking seven or eight times from my mouth-jaw spasms.

So my quest to find a cure for these incessant mouth-jaw spasms continues. I’m quite sure that my gut condition is the culprit. I ran out of my Biocidin about two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been suffering from severe pain (trapped air gas) in my esophagus. One night, the pain was so sudden and stabbing that I thought I was having a heart attack, while praying for healing, I remembered also that I was eating way too many raw garlic cloves and that was giving me acid reflux. So my research is also including esophagus-related disorders.

Out of the blue, I thought about not using my Biocidin in several weeks and realized that my esophageal distress could be because of my gut biome-disbiosis, bacteria and toxins which have not yet been diminished. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now i see that I should. not have allowed my Biocidin use to be interrupted.

Today, I decided to research Biocidn and found an amazing doctor who formulated it. This Sound Cloud interview is quite in depth and i know many of you will be absolutely convinced that Biocidin should be part of your healing regimen. Dr Rachel shares much information like taking Quercitin and marshmallow root. Make sure to takes notes and confer with Brooklyn My prayer is that this blog will benefit you in your healing journey!

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