Checking on my Facebook emails a few days ago, I saw a picture of Jada Pinket Smith. The post announced the suicide death of Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst. I could not believe that such a beautiful , talented and vivacious young woman could end her life and by the time I listened to the accompanying video, I was in tears. I could certainly relate to her struggle and thought about my own many years and accompanying health battles that made my struggle almost unbreakable. The ugly voices of self-loathing, unworthiness and shame hammered me when my symptoms were most vicious and despite having many dreams and goals, I had to postpone endeavors many times.

The hardest thing about severe depression is that only those suffering it can understand. Suicide affects all people of every ethnicity,, religious denomination. and family background. Christians and pastors are no exception o this epidemic. I have read reports of vivacious and devoted young pastors ending their lives. Suicide has devastated the lives and faiths of many families and communities.

I’m compelled to share a word of hope to those who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Because of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I knew thta I was not without hope. Coming from an extremely traumatic family background and upbringing and suffering more traumatic assaults as a young adult, I believed I was born to be cursed and nonredeemable. Bible study, church and prayer did little to assuage this constant battering. But I prayed that god would lead me to some releif. My searching led me to the internet, to Pastor Derrik Prince’s sermon videos on You Tube. Through his anointed teaching, I found that depression is a spirit.

I do not wish to make this a long and complicated bog, but I encourage you to seek the Lord Jesus for your mental and emotional pain. He took on all our infirmities through His redeeming sacrifice and He wishes you to walk in abundance and joy. For some of us with family iniquities and strongholds, (substance abuse, pornography, molestation and physical abuse) the journey may be more difficult. A sensitive and gifted Christian deliverance counselor can help you have victory over depression and any other demonic stronghold.

I also add that certain health issues can also contribute to depression, such as malabsorbtion, diabetes, , toxins, neurotransmitter abnormalities, fluoride, mercury, poor diet, and mold.

Jesus Christ is the only cure for every malady that afflicts mankind. May we not walk in condemnation or judgment to those who can’t get it together as quickly as we can. Get help by calling a suicide hotline. PRAY and ask Jesus to lead you to your source of help.

Prayer, Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to be our sacrifice, healer and deliverer. Help me to seek Him with all my heart and connect me with those who walk in victory and authority as they stand with me o be completely delivered and set free! In Jesus name amen.