HELP FOR Morgellon’s Syndrome

I’ve been very moved by the suffering of the Morgellons, Mold illness and Lyme’ Disease sufferers, especially being one of their ranks. My research is leading me to many shocking and distressing stories and pictures of different fungal-type infections, weird growths and terrible itchy rashes people are suffering . I honestly cannot believe the suffering that is caused by these highly avance technical and biological weapons inflicted upon so many individual across the globe. It also never ceases to amaze me at the depths id depravity these demonic scientists go to to make people suffer and even kill them!v

After listening to Dr. Pat Holiday (PHd) and Pastor Cherie’s podcasts, I am certain that we do not have to be victimized by these horrific hazards. We may be a small minority, but we are just as deserving to live in a free and poison-free environment. Kudos to and God bless, Lana Givant, a resident of Oregon, who shared her strong discourse on why we need to protest and do something about the poisoning of our environment and continuing this silent genocide.

It is time we confront these attackss and adopt defensive strategies for the health and lives of our families, children and pets. i urge all of you to star addressing your diets and lifestyles and start doing your research. God has created all of you for great purposes and we must not allow our lives and destinies to be diminished by the powers that be. Sweets, sodas, fruit juices grains and carbohydrates all attract fungus and infections . Your goal should be to have as few addictive elements as possible in your diet. Two great mold, fungus repellents are garlic and baking soda with Apple cider vinegar. An Acidic body attract mold, fungus and Cancer. The past several months, I’m also being very aware of Glyphosate which is highly toxic and damaging to the mitochondria and myelin sheath.

You’ll find the following internet radio broadcast, powerful and anointed as Dr. Pat Holliday and Dr. Sabrina Sessions touch on all technological strategies in warfare prayer.

Tony Panta;lleresco shares amazing health information. on nanotechnology and HARRP. It would behoove you to take notes n follow some of hi excellent health council Make sure to share the information you receive with friends, family and neighbors who also are suffering from mysterious symptoms and illnesses. Your best defense, is having a intimate relationship with father God and the Lord Jesus. No one can come against the powers that be and their potent weapon except God! He alone is our strength shield and high tower. Please agree with Dr Holliday’s and dr Sabrina sessions prayer at the end of the blogtallk radio podcast. God bless you and may the peace SHALOM of Christ Jesus establish you nd give you rest.

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