CRS, Inflammation and Fibrin

CRS and Mold Illness

.        My research continues regarding the distressing neurological and digestive symptoms which have not diminished with all the costly supplements I’ve been taking. My adherence to my strict juicing and cleansing protocol also has not yielded the expected results and I keep pondering  “What is the missing puzzle piece?    To make matters worse, I’ve had insomnia for over a week and the temperatures have been over 90 degrees. I’ve woken up at least four or fives times each night despite  the usual  Melatonin supplements , GABA, Ibuprofen PM and powdered calcium, Very frustrating to being unproductive and being so distracted, I can’t focus on my music or book.
       From experience, I know the only way to find solutions is to diligently search for anything that could be a factor contributing to the CRS, (Inflammation) . I’m excited to be able to share a new new discovery as the mold specialists recommended by my fellow CRS sufferers seem not to have all the answers. Many are still suffering greatly. I’m getting quite disheartened that my recovery is taking so long. Fourteen years is a long time to have such immense physical pain and diminished. On the positive side, God has blessed me with a resilient spirit and great faith in Christ Jesus restorative and healing power. I am an over comer and though I have no idea why my health battle has been so taxing and painful God has a reason and it will be to bring Him glory and inspire others journeying through catastrophic health conditions.

       So, while going through  a YouTube video, an ad came up having to do with  some people suffering severe arthritis and joint pain.  A doctor started to speak about Fibrin, a dead protein that can accumulate and clog the immune system. Wow, was all I could say. I had never heard of Fibrin, neither did I ever hear about it from any of the myriads specialists who have tried to help me in the past. Just as I’d never been told about Biofilm and Leaky-Gut syndrome, It angers me that most doctors just do not educate us patients and neither do they go out of their way to research new developments or natural treatments. And there are many, especially in Europe and Israel.

Another hindrance to healing quickly from Mold or Mercury-metal poisoning is the stupendous cost for consultations. My husband Mark and I dropped over a thousand dollars for my first consultation with my new mold specialist. His website reviews showed he high praises for his expertise, but I was surprised at his speechlessness as he saw my mouth and upper body jerk so violently. As I sat before him, i was hopeful, but as of today, the spasm are still there. My symptoms haven’t abated since my last mold illness doctor visit. The most I can hope for is continuing my research and pinpointing the main problem and being a resource of help to the precious people in my Facebook groups.

I hope this article enlighten you. The main thing to remember is the importance of a properly-functioning gut. I wish my Environmental Physician, (though trained under Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s mercury detoxification protocol), had this information about Disbiosis from antibiotics, then she would have been able to address my severely damaged gut. Lyme patients, unless the gut is healed, mercury detox protocols will not work! Acid Reflux, digestive issues and constipation won’t go away with over-the-counter formulas or capsules because they can’t address Biofilm.

Take notes, study them, chronicle your symptoms and regimens, cleanse, detox and get good diagnostics to ascertain your bodies various systems. Healing can get t very complicated and frustrating, but in my experience. putting all your trust in doctors may not avail the results you need. Often,we end up deep in debt and bitter.. Our freedom is in knowledge and we must learn to research and take responsibility for our own health. Some of the current diseases and conditions are so complicated and mysterious, doctors can’t possibly have all the knowledge .

The first step in your healing, is eating pure, (and as much as you can affiord) organic, home grown produce and juicing. I mentioned how Glyphosate is extremely damaging to the gut in my last blog with the Tony Pantelersco YouTube video. Somehow, you must wean yourself off grains and certain produce. While going through antibiotic therapy for my Lyme in 1993, my addiction to grains and cereals grew so bad, my Candid infection took two years to eradicate! If it weren’t for being treated by an amazing holistic Chiropractor in Lakewood, NJ, I would not be writing and educating you today! Dr Kelly immediately diagnosed me with Candida because my MD never mentioned anything about pre and probiotics and my gut and system quickly became overrun by Fungus Candida. I believe those two years of Candida and biofilm were catalysts that which set stage for the present Dystonia-Biofilm battle. (I hope this info is helping someone).

As an ending note, I’d also like to include some information I just found for those of you who may have MS, Dystonia or seizures or have a damaged myelin sheath. I’ve found very few doctors mention or address people who have extreme nerve sensitivity. Mineral depletion could be something o look at. In my case, I have a triple whammy of EMF sensitivity which seems to go hand in hand with mold and mercury sensitivity. I have yet to find a physician who has experience with the multiple challenges, but i continue to research. I’ve had a new challenge the past two weeks with insomnia I’ve never had insomnia more than a few days in my life and the past week, I’ve had no REM sleep and have felt extremely weak and with heart palpitations. Because of sweating so easily because of the continual mouth and neck spasms, ( and extreme summer temperatures) I have to drink a lot of water. I’m certain that all the water I drink, (between 10- and 12 gasses a day) could be washing away y electrolytes. Proper electrolyte balance is critical in the summer, for athletes who sweat a lot or for people who are detoxing. I will share my finding about electrolyte balance in coming blogs.

May you continue to be successful and find the proper treatments, supplements and prayer to regain your desired lifestyle. \

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