So, Mark and I are back from our three week construction visit to our Georgia property. The 2 day (18 hour car drive, pulling a loaded trailer) always takes so much out of us, it takes several days for our bodies and immune systems to recoup our energy. I must admit, it is good to be back to my familiar neighborhood, convenient location to our grocery market and a short 35 minute drive to our Vitamin shop and home depot locations. Our property in GA is off the beaten track and an hour drive to anything.

Two days into being back to our New jersey house, my mind is more rested and focused to work on my blogs and get back to my Father’s business. There is much work for us intercessors and so needful for to be prayerful and alert, targeting some very serious crisis.

So I’m re- listening to my beloved pastor’s radio broadcast as I sip my morning coffee. As usual, he is on top of the latest pertinent news, national and global crisis which face us. Pastor Augusto and his fellow end-time ministers addressed some very urgent news. The subjects of SCOTUS’s Roe VS Wade status and the food shortage that was beginning to be a reality in many food pantries across America.

The most arresting statement was Pastor Augusto’s discourse of Gideon, old Testament judge. and his exploits for the Lord on behalf of the Israelites. During the period of the Judges, there was no King who rued over Israel and the leaders did whatever they wanted, especially worshiping idols, ( Baal and Ashoreth) which was an abomination to God. They were in great distress because the pagan people’s which surrounded them, plundered there cattle and food supply leaving them hungry and without sustenance.. God’s people cried out to God in repentance and as always, in His great Mercy, He would appoint someone to be their deliverer I love how God chooses the unconventional, outwardly foolish and/or the rejects to be his conduits of His mercy,

Gideon’s family was poor and he had the least influence his father’s house. An angel of the Lord appeared to him one day as he was threshing wheat secretly, to hide from the Midianite pillagers. As the story goes, the once timid and fearful man was greatly used of God to deliver the people from the oppression of the Midianites.

Pondering all the traitors and destroyers of our nation, I concur with Pastor Augusto’s, Larry and Chuck’s comments about the apathy of the church. I was compelled to revisit the book of Judges, as my mind was clearer today. Immediately, I thought of the title for this blog, A Few Good Men). Discussed on the program was the apathetic influence of the church in the 70’s. No one opposed one woman who was instrumental in getting prayer removed from schools and the  Roe VS Wade edict declared national law. Why did no Godly Christian men oppose these edicts?. I wondered about this for many years after I became a Christian.

Yes indeed, God needs a few good men and women, ( let us not forget the prophetess Deborah) and thank God for representative, Margery Taylor- Green. 

I’d like to add that our 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Conference family is comprised of about 70 per cent women. We need more male prayer warriors and I do thank God for the handful of men who have committed faithfully to their facilitators post. You men are called by God to be the priests of the home and the  holders and leaders of the law, so take your place and lead with righteous authority!

From the aparency of our nations’ condition glares ever somberly, America needs more good men like, Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Joe Manchin and Governor DeSantis. Thankfully, there are a few good men on Facebook, including some of my pastor friends, Pastors, Greg Locke, David Harris Jr, John Servier, Troy Cline, Albert Wright, Elias Vargas, Daniel Holdings, (and I see you laymen brothers who are also in the fight).

Most of all, I

I send a clarion call to you Christian brothers. You are called and ordained to lead with zeal, authority and righteousness.. You are called to do more than play an incredible guitar solo or comment on a Facebook or Youtube post,. Don’t worry about the price you have to pay for your godly calling for you will receive your reward when you face Jesus at the Bema (Judgement) Seat. I beseech you men, to stand up and make a stand before we lose our country to the Socialist–communists.    Please do not ignore or make light of this blog. The Cabal is in the midst of diabolical and draconian plans for global domination and slavery! . Every Christian man should be extremely concerned for the future of his children and grandchildren.

Get informed. There is a plethora of end-times news. Take time each day to read and p.ray accordingly. Here is a partial list of end times news websites you can get true information from: